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The HM Anti-Spam Horde

The HM Anti-Spam Horde
Introduced in (roughly) chronological order

 LoudLon The Sharkmaster
 Bobo The Nuclear Knife

Goon The CryptKeeper Pollster

 Tripod The Confusing

 Fulcento The Spam Pontificator

 Dr. Creature

Boxlee The Fresh

Chibbles The Sharp
 Chuckles The Redoubtable
 Karma The Just


 Albert The UniPorc-KangaShark

  kXnPunk The Evil

Goro The Zombie

Florida The AwesomePossum

 DOS Funkengroovin

 Frankie McFurter


 Cheeky The Chill

 Rose The Gangsta Slug

 Vampy The Death Mistress

 Xavier The Spikey

 Sweet The Silent

 Karate Chop Phil

 The Glowing Monkeys

Lester The Lurid

 Sylvester the Strong

 Damien the Devastator

 Necrosis Carnex