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Links to Other Movie Sites

Note:  All links open in a new tab/window.

The finest horror movie community website.  News, reviews, and an excellent forum.  I'm a contributor there, look for azathoth.

The HorrorQueen, AKA The Bethory of Blood's horror movie blog.  She is on a 365 movies in 365 days quest.  Very far behind at this point.  Member of H-M.ca.

Member of HM.  She started the 365 Horror-Movie-a-Day blog idea.  She's currently rather behind.

AKA Crispy, another member of HM.  Movie review blog, updated sporadically.

Cap Howdy is a moderator over at HM.  Here are his site of random things and the blog where you can comment on those random things.

Pass The Popcorn by RevengeBiteMe.
A horror blog by another member of HM.

Keep up-to-date with the latest horror movie news.

A nice site with many humorous reviews of older films, as well as recaps of current films.

The B-Masters Cabal
Is currently having some hosting issues.  It is temporarily at Braineater.
Another fine movie site dealing in all types of b-movies.  A grouping of several other websites, all very good on their own.

Teleport City
Great site for Asian horror, European everything, and some Mexican luchador films.  Go there at your own peril, for you will end up spending hours reading his amazing in-depth reviews.

Jabootu- The Bad Movie Dimension
Another site for Bad Movies, with a focus on horror. 

Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard
Insanely detailed reviews, mostly of horror films.  He hasn't written any reviews in 2 years, but still occasionally updates his blog.

Wtf-Film became ExploderButton.

**No longer active, but remains as an archive.**
A site that combines all types of weird movie types.  Very big on kaiju films.