Lord Stuart Charles the Butcher

  • Charles Stewart McKellop Sr.
  • Passed: July 23 2008 
It is with a sad heat that I bring news that we have lost another friend. On July 23 Charles Stewart McKellop Sr. Passed from this world. In the SCA he was known as Lord Stewart Charles the Butcher. He was the First Man at arms to THlord Ageirrjon and the First Member of House Darktree as well. He is survived by his Son Charles Jr. His Brother James Jr. and His sister Margaret (Peggy)

There will be a memorial Service Wednesday July 30 at 7 PM at Hospice House Woodside 6770 102 nd Ave.N. Pinellas Park Florida.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with his Family

Ageirr Jon of Cathanar and Zelina Marie Durrant de Narval