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Morgana ferch Morgan

Mistress Morgana ferch Morgan, OP
  • Sheila Mangum
  • Passed: June 3, 2015
Mistress Morgana ferch Morgan passed away on June 3rd, 2015 after a long illness that she bravely fought for years past what doctors told her she would live.

Mistress Morgana's (Sheila Mangum) memorial service will be this Sunday (June 7, 2015) at Corey Kerwin Funeral Home at 940 Cesery Blvd, in Jacksonville. Memorial service begins at 5:00. The family will be at the facility starting at 4:00 to greet friends of Sheila and share memories.

Courtesy of Verna Urbanksi

Mistress Morgana ferch Morgan Pel. (Sheila Anne Mangum) passed away on June 5, 2015 at 69 years of age from a near three year bout  with kidney cancer. She is to be cremated and interred in Vermont. She was born and raised in the East Kingdom (Vermont) but lived in the south since the late 60's and in Florida for the last forty years.  

She served the kingdom of Meridies and later the principality and kingdom Trimaris for some 15 years. She held several different offices in Shire Blackthorne (now subsumed by the Barony Castlemere). At the Principality level she served in several herald's offices, and as Principality Chronicler. She had three protégés, Yseult de Soleil, Branwyn, and Mistress Cateline de la Môr (Later in the kingdom Atlantia, Sister Scholastica -Pel).

Many service Honours were bestowed upon her both in Meridies and Trimaris - Order of the Triskele as well as the Order of the Pelican.

Her Order of Precedence entry: .

Her responsibility and dedication to her various offices during Trimaris' burgeoning years, particularly the Heraulde's and Chronicler's Offices helped significantly in bringing them to the the level they now enjoy.

I am honoured that she was once my Protégé.

With Respect, Reverance, and Affection,
Baron Taliesynne Nychymwrh yr Anghyfannedd Llanrhyddlad
In this thirtieth Year for Trimaris, the sixth day of A.S. XLVIIII being 2015 of the Common Era.