Lord Greywolf

  • Steve Newton.
  • Passed: 10/8/04

Gone Home Is Our Greywolf
by Martha Varney (HL Mar of Unst)

Once more the Gods have sent out the call
To add  to the ranks of Valhalla's Hall
A man known to many, loved by them all
He was taken from us in the season of fall
Upon his sweet face a smile he did keep
That was always as warm and peaceful as sleep
Bountiful friendship from him we did reap
His absence is felt and makes us weep
He now watches over us from somewhere above
Hear his voice call as a hawk or a dove
Reminding this Kingdom how much he did love
To serve with gentility or in armored glove
Though from our eyes now the tears they do fall
He smiles as he knows he'll again see us all
As horns sound up there somewhere over the wall
We'll see how he's enriched Valhalla's Hall.

In Memory of Greywolf

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