Lord Darius the Elder

  • MKA: Michael Jeffers
  • Passed: January 6, 2009

Long-term resident of the former shire of Ac'Scrin (Naples, Florida), and was working to rebuild a shire there again.  Left behind his wife, Augustina of Constantinople (mka Marci Jeffers).  He passed away from cancer on January 6, 2009.

Greetings & Salutations Unto the Great and Noble Kingdom of Trimaris!


         I am Lord Darius the Elder and I must bid you all a bittersweet goodbye. I have been ill for a bit with liver cancer and I fear I am dead (ha ha ha). I just wanted to say one good and formal farewell to you, my good and noble friends. I have spent a goodly part of my life with you all and wish I could make it more. I can remember so many beautiful nights, fires ablaze, a good flagon of wine and singing songs of our own with half a voice and the same wit. All in good fellowship with no fear of any harm for all were sworn to guard and protect everyone always.


         We were a family, closely knit. When I went to an event, I felt like I was going home. I was never happier than when I was making something or other; or really just jumping into something and helping things get done more easily for all and making friends in the process. I loved just hanging out with you, talking about anything we came across in chat. It was ever your camaraderie, my friends. Those bonds of friendship we all forged.


         I have given away or sold almost all of my possessions in preparation for my voyage onward, and I am as ready as any man can be when they face their OWN mortality. I can leave you something of great value though, if you will accept it. And that is those few of my house who will go on beyond me, including my lady, Augustina of Constantinople who is at its center and others, some you may know already.


         I ask that any whom may think I have done them some ill, let that go. To any I have ever truly wronged, I would truly beg your forgiveness. And to some; ahem. (ha ha ha). As I leave you, I want you to remember those early years of our kingdom when we had so much fun and frivolity. Pull up those feelings in your hearts and share them with the people around you, relive them through others. Be good to yourselves, my friends and remember always, that as I am a man dying, I am only a man. Not a good man, not a bad man, but just a man. Peace upon you all, and upon all your houses.

Most Sincerely Your Friend,

Lord Darius the Elder, OEA, OAP

AKA Michael D Jeffers

Darius' Device: Azure, a chevron between two swords in chevron, tips crossed and a unicorn's head couped, a bordure embattled argent
Old Dragons
By Dmitri Skomorochov
See that fine lady who's sewing a surcoat,
She was queen once in days long gone by,
All of these years have but polished her beauty,
And can still make the noblemen cry,
She once was a blushing young maiden,
The most delicate flower I know,
But later tonight she'll be cleaning the kitchen,
Tomorrow, she's back on the road,
Cause she's an Old Dragon of Trimaris,
She helped make us what we are today,
Don't tell her to sit down, she'll have nothing of it,
And she won't have it any other way,
If you look around, you might witness a Baron,
Been around since A.S. two or three,
He's spent his whole life helping build us a future,
And there's nowhere that he'd rather be,
He raised a fine son and a daughter,
With his family close to his heart,
If you asked just how all of his kin are related,
He wouldn't know where he should start,
Cause he's an Old Dragon of Trimaris,
He helped make us what we are today,
He's just as devoted as the day that he joined,
And he won't have it any other way,
When I was a young man, and started my journey,
I met with an outspoken Lord,
He'd laugh and he'd fight, and sing bardic all night,
And around him, you'd never grow bored,
He was boastful and bawdy and bold,
More arrogant than any three men,
But softly I cried, on the day that he died,
And I'm blessed that I called him a friend,
He was an Old Dragon of Trimaris,
He helped make me what I am today,
Strong was his spirit, and stronger his heart,
And he wouldn't have it any other way,
These are the Old Dragons of Trimaris,
And I pray that I'll be one someday,
Giving my heart for this Dream that we live in,
And I wouldn't have it any other way,
No, I won't have it any other way...


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