Trimaris Lost

A memorial to those Trimaris has lost, but not forgotten.

Trimaris Lost is dedicated to those members of the SCA Kingdom of Trimaris
 who have passed on yet left their mark among friends, family, households and the Kingdom as a whole. 
In their time they each added to the whole that is Trimaris
 and with their passing they have left this Kingdom a little less brilliant than it was before. 
They are all sorely missed.

Lament For Heroes Fallen

Let Trimarian bards crown our heroes with their lays,

May our Troubadours sing its songs, our valiant ones to praise!


Let enemy hosts, descending on Trimaris’ shining sands give pause,

Lest the heavens themselves be rend, to come and join our cause.


Henceforth the enemy hordes, no more shall on our lands appear;

For in the land where Heroes fell, shall Bravery her blossoms rear


We pray our lands be blest by sun and gentle rain:--

And let our memories honor our brave ones slain.


Shout forth Trimaris’ name, let our banners fly on high

Let our Bards recount its fame, as we raise our voices to the sky.



Poem by Mistress Caitlin ni Dhubgaill