Syr Eadric Hrothgareson
  • Michael S. McCollum
  • Passed: Dec 20, 2010
Michael S. “Mike” McCollum, died on Friday, Dec. 10, 2010, after a protracted illness.

 Mike was born at Smoke Bomb Hill Dispensary at Fort Bragg, NC. His father was Army and his mother was Air Force, so Michael lived at a variety of military installations, the most exotic in his young life being in the jungles surrounding the Panama Canal zone.
Michael joined the Army himself and spent several years in Germany where he served as a broadcaster on AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio/Television Services) and as a reporter, writer and part-time photographer for The Berlin Observer. He became fluent in several dialects of German and volunteered with local orphanages. During his service as a reporter, he had the great good fortune to meet and interview his favorite actor, Sean Connery, and he had a small part in a movie.
After his service he graduated with a degree in Broadcast Engineering while also working at WSHE in Miami. After graduation he moved to Orlando in 1984 to be closer to his family and there he met his future wife. They were both already involved in the SCA, but Mike was drawn in by his passionate interest in arms, fighting, and chivalry. In 1986, when his wife re-joined the Navy, Michael became Mr. Mom during their next few tours overseas, but also held jobs with IBM and Microsoft. He co-founded two shires overseas, the Shire de la Frontera in Rota, Spain in 1986 and the Shire Egail in Edzell, Scotland in 1991. Upon his return from overseas, the family put down roots in Atlantia.
He will always be remembered fondly for his great good humor, his efforts in promoting chivalry, SCA-TV, and for his enduring strength and courage during his long illness.
Mike is survived by his wife, Kathleen, his sons: Craig DeBourbon & his wife Danielle and their daughter, Lilly, of Tennessee; Ryan McCollum of Virginia; and his brothers: Tim McCollum of Texas, Richard McCollum of Florida and Farrell Griffith of Oregon.
Order of Precedence for Syr Eadric Hrothgareson:
1/12/1985 – AOA – Award of Arms – Principality of Trimaris
2/2/1985 – OTS – Argent Sword of Trimaris – Principality of Trimaris
2/2/1985 – OTK – Order of the Trident Keype – Barony of Darkwater, Trimaris
2/1/1986 – GOA – Grant of Arms – Kingdom of Trimaris
2/8/1986 – GOA – Grant of Arms – Kingdom of Trimaris
3/1/1986 – KSCA – Order of Chivalry – Kingdom of Trimaris
3/1/1986 – OTT – Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Kingdom of Trimaris
3/22/1986 – OSTT – Order of the Silver Trident Trimaris – Kingdom of Trimaris
5/8/1993 – OTL – Order of the Lindquistrings – Principality of Drachenwald
11/16/1993 – OB – Order of the Bear – Principality of Drachenwald
3/25/1995 – CBAR – Court Baronage – Kingdom of Trimaris