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Meryell Redfearne

Meryell Redfearne
                • Marlo Whitfield Peck
                • Passed: Oct 2014
Lady Meryell Redfearne of the Barony of Oldenfeld passed away in October of 2014. She was a wonderful seamstress, loyal friend and a true lady who fought a lot of tough odds. She was strong, brave and funny and will be greatly missed by all of those who knew her.

        From Braennan MacEarnan:

        Memorial service for Marlo Whitfield Peck
        on 2:00PM on October 25th
        at Shiloh Farms 

        1500 Benjamin Chaires Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32317

        When the official obituary is released to the papers, I will reprint it here. In the meantime I'll just say that in lieu of flowers, we are asking for donations to be sent to the Spina Bifida Association ( and St. Jude's Children's Hospital (

        Marlo spent much of her childhood in the care of St. Jude's due to complications arising from spina bifida, and they are one of the primary reasons why she had the quality of life that she enjoyed.

Photo credit: Jared Bluestein

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