Annot Healfdane

  • Aka Momma Mongol
  • Suzanne
  • Passed: 2007

One of the finest  Scadians I have known was Lady Annot Healfdane also known as Momma Mongol who passed away a bit over a year ago.

Having fought back breast cancer several years before joining the SCA,  She and Meldrigda Of Oak Glen kept things happening in Glenn Dubh that has apparently ceased without their strong input. Not a limelight person she was a very strong presence for many years, and perhaps most recognized by the two canes she needed to get about that became with her viking ship a part of her device.

Her advances in card weaving, by research and playing with ideas, well advanced the art and taught many who still practice today, and even though creeping diabetes kept her from enjoying the fruits of her efforts frequently made delicious cookies and custom made chocolates  for all her friends.

I have pictures but all taken before electronics of this fine lady beautiful inside and out to the end. There is so much more and I am sure there is much others could add. It has been over a year but I still miss her deeply.

Bob Danforth
AKA Sofar Dragon

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