Astrith Alexandra aet Brandywine

  • Brandy Geiniman
  • Passed: August 30th, 2002

Astrith was a Countess of Trimaris having reigned as the 31st Queen of Trimaris alongside Bytor Fitzgerald II.

The cover of Talewinds for their Coronation featured a beautifully drawn image of Astrith being crowned by Bytor who is shown in a reflection on the Crown.

A Lady of the Rose, Astrith was well beloved by her friends in Trimaris and is still sorely missed.
Living Eulogy....

she danced...she sang..
she took...she gave.......she
served......she loved......she risked. She created....she dissented...she grew. She enlivened......she saw. She sweated...she changed......she learned. She laughed......she shed her skin. She bled on the pages of her days...she walked through walls....she lived.......

with Intention.


Away Too Soon
by Martha Varney
aka HL Mar of Unst

She didn't mean to leave him
Heart broken and alone
It was her time to go from here
Heading for her waiting home

Their time was short together
She fulfilled his every need
With love and laughter plenty

Praising him for each good deed

She went not to Valhallah
For she did not like to fight
She enjoyed the time they spent
With each other every night

Now she watches over him
A guardian angel above
Keeping him from harm's way
Still sharing all her love

And tho he cannot see her
He knows she's with him still
She lives way deep down in his heart
And he knows she always will

In Memory of Astrith
Saturday, 02 November, 2002

Arms: Sable, a bat-winged wolf rampant Or gorged with an embattled coronet sable and in dexter chief a sun Or eclipsed sable all within a bordure embattled Or.

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