Winter Wanderings

Post date: Jan 13, 2011 3:52:57 PM

On a beautiful winter day in January 2011, Irving and Ida Goldblatt of Duluth, Minnesota had the profound pleasure of meeting a wanderer of the woods. A large, hairy inhabitant of the frozen tundra. No, not aunt Abigail. A Yeti answering to the name of Mufi came meandering along and surprised the Goldblatt's as they were taking photos of wild partridges in frozen pear trees. Mufi, a visitor from Tibet, had crossed over the North Pole in search of better mating opportunities. Conveniently, Ida's sister Harriet Nerdstrom, has recently divorced.

Although the future remains uncertain for the Yeti population as a whole, It appears as though one reclusive bachelor might just be ready to settle down and breed.