The Women in White (After Labor Day)

Post date: Oct 2, 2012 1:15:33 PM

* A Woman in White appears at the right of the picture *

Once again the Woman in White has been seen haunting the land of the living. This poor, solitary, figure is often heard weeping and wailing as she walks. Although there have been many sightings of her (most famously at Wiley College in Texas), she is a reclusive spirit. But with so many different sightings of her in different states; she is either a well traveled spirit, or there are copycat spirits dressing like her. The latter seems to be the case.

It appears as though the original Woman in White (Gladys Umbridge of Schenactady, New York), has started a fashion trend in the world of the deceased. Her famous white billowing robes are the talk of the underworld. "It really is just an old night gown that I died in," explains Gladys, "People often say they heard me crying over dead children or lost loves. I'm really just cold and shivering is all." Well, by accident or intent, the Woman in White has picked up a following of adoring fans who mimic her dress and mannerisms. Women in White are seen walking in the woods, wandering through old farms, and shopping in strip malls. This is one of those heart warming stories where a local girl is able to make a big impact. Gladys Unbridge: we salute you!