Muck Monster Monday!

Post date: Mar 5, 2011 3:56:48 PM

With the melt off of snows and early rains, the amount of mud in the Northeastern United States has increased exponentially. This has also brought the muck monsters out a little earlier than expected. As everyone knows, muck monsters normally wouldn't be seen until late April. Here it is, early March, and there are mucksters peeping out at me from under the ice.

Muck monsters are seasonal creatures and only live as long as the rainy season keeps them. They tend to go dormant with the summer heat (as they are too dry to move), with the exception of the marsh monsters, and thrive in the spring and fall. It's amazing to see activity so early on and so much of it too.

Global warming is real. Trust me when I say that I have it on good authority (who has been around for a long time), that the change in weather is real. The winters are getting wetter in some areas and the summers are getting hotter. This is good for muck monsters and bad for the rest of us.