ICWWG 2011 - The Donner Party

Post date: Mar 4, 2012 7:02:57 PM

ICWWG 2011

With sadness, we dedicated the 20th Annual event in honor of our dearest dog Annastasia.

Well this is one for the books! When The Baron said he was throwing a "Donner Party" for theme for his guests, no one really expected to have 2 feet of snow fall on the mountain essentially trapping people in their homes and delaying the annual party by one week. Fortunately, three intrepid souls made it up the the desolate location just before the roads became impassable and the power went out for several days. As you can see from the picture above, The Baron still knows how to show his guests a good time!

One week later, we had a 20th Annual celebration - Take 2! See the gallery for some pictured from the event and the snow that buried both our party and some nasty little secrets...

We promised that it would be memorable! Never doubt the Baron!