Volunteering with ASPIRE

Steps to Volunteering with ASPIRE:

1. Discussion with Team Leader about volunteering with ASPIRE

2. Office Tour

3. Read ASPIRE Volunteer Position Description (printable)

4. Read Siuslaw School District Volunteer Handbook (printable)

5. Read Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting (printable)

6. Complete ASPIRE Application and Agreement (printable)

7. Complete Siuslaw School District online volunteer application

8. Watch videos:

Become a Volunteer VIDEO (2.54 minutes)

ASPIRE Volunteer Basics VIDEO (10:25 minutes)

College and Career Basics VIDEO (10:12 minutes)

Financial Aid Basics VIDEO (8:24 minutes)

9. Select student(s) to start

10. Job shadow for at least one meeting with a student

Additional Resources:

ASPIRE for the Community VIDEO (10:54 minutes)

ASPIRE Volunteer Handbook (with links to videos and printable documents)

Oregon Promise VIDEO (41:03 minutes)

Policies and Procedures

Responsibilities and Training

Volunteer Survey (due by May 15 each year)

For Coordinators

ASPIRE for Coordinators VIDEO (12:06 minutes)

FAFSA + Training VIDEO (19:42 minutes)

Submitting Reports VIDEO (12:20 minutes)

Coordinator Survey (due by May 15)