April 2019

Scholarships due this week are Florence Community PTA, and Delta Gamma (Andrea Wright and Tami Nivens). Next Tuesday, the CROW, Glen C. Butler and Genevieve Bailey applications will be due.

There is still time to complete the FAFSA, but you should do very soon. By completing the FAFSA, you could be eligible for as much as $6,100 in Federal funds for college or trade school. By submitting the FAFSA, you may also be eligible to receive up to $3,200 from the Oregon Opportunity Grant and/or $3,600 from Oregon Promise depending family circumstances and on what college or trade school you will be attending.

It is very important for our scholarship donors to be thanked for their generous support. Please be sure to write a thank-you note for each scholarship you receive. Thank-you notes will be available at scholarship awards night on May 30 so please be sure to take some and use them! If you have already been notified of a scholarship award, you may write thank-you note now. A lot of time and effort has gone into the raising of funds and the processing of applications in order for you to receive scholarships, and that work should be acknowledged with simple notes of appreciation.

If you plan to attend Lane Community College after graduation, you may want to take the free orientation course offered by LCC this spring. It is called RTEC 101 and it’s offered on Tuesdays from May 7 to June 4, or on Wednesdays from May 8 to June 5 at the Eugene campus. See ASPIRE for more information or contact Brenda Williams at LCC: williamsb@lanecc.edu or 541-463-3443.

If you are interested in one of the construction, industrial, or other trades and need training or an apprenticeship, take a look at this website:


The minimum requirements are to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. This is a state sponsored program, so costs are likely to be low and you may get paid while training.

Young men are required by law to register with the Selective Service System, the U.S. Government agency that maintains information on those who are potentially eligible for military service within 30 days of reaching the age of 18 (30 days before to 30 days after the 18th birthday). If you completed the FAFSA within that time frame, you may already be registered. Otherwise, you will need to register at www.selectiveservicenumber.org. Registering does not mean you will be called to military service (there hasn’t been a military draft since the 1973) but it does mean that you could be drafted if the draft is reinstated before you reach the age of 26. Please be sure to verify the above information with the Selective Service System and FAFSA.

Lane Community College will be hosting a job fair on Thursday, May 16 in Eugene. For more information go to www.lanecc.edu/studentemployment/job-fair. You may also contact Tina Hunter: hunter@lanecc.edu. See Mr. Moser or Mr. Orr if you are interested in attending.

The Florence Big Wave Poetry Slam will be held at the Florence Events Center on Friday, May 24 at 7 PM. Prices are $250, $100, and $50. There is a $15 fee for contestants. www.facebook.com/FlorenceBigWave.

All students who have participated in ASPIRE this year are asked to complete an online survey. Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ASPIREhsstudentexitsurvey2018-19. This survey is for use by the main office of ASPIRE in Salem, the parent organization of all ASPIRE sites in Oregon. You may complete the survey anytime between now and the end of the school year.

Scholarship Deadlines

April 26: Florence Community PTA Scholarship

April 26: Delta Gamma Andrea Wright

April 26: Delta Gamma: Tammy Nivens

April 30: CROW Scholarship

April 30: Glen C. Butler Scholarship

April 30: Genevieve Bailey Memorial Scholarship

May 1: Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Scholarship

May 1: Amy Nicole Memorial Scholarship

May 1: Jose de la Mora Memorial Scholarship

May 5: Florence Salmon Trout Enhancement Scholarship

May 10: Florence Lions Club Scholarship

May 10: Siuslaw Valley Firefighters (x3) Scholarships

May 11: Lorraine Arnn Scholarship

May 15: Central Oregon Coast Board of Realtors Scholarship

May 15: Haley Memorial Scholarship

May 15: Ronnie Catalfamo Memorial Scholarship

May 15: Tony's Garage Scholarship

May 17: Students for a Better World scholarships

May 30: SHS Scholarship Night (awarding of scholarships) at the Florence Events Center

May 31: ASPIRE write thank-you notes for scholarships received