LCC How to Apply and Enroll

IMPORTANT: The deadline to apply for LCC scholarships is in early March. If you want to be eligible for LCC scholarships, you should apply to LCC and to the foundation prior to that deadline.

ALSO if you will need your Smarter Balanced scores or an official transcript sent to LCC, be sure to make your request to the counseling office prior to the end of the school year. The counseling office will be closed over the summer.

1. 1. Apply

Go to

Click on “Apply and Enroll”

Click on “Apply Now”

Click on “Earn a Degree or Certificate…” (or one of the other options)

Click on “New Student” even if you already have an L number from your high school work

Click on “Get Started”

Click on “Complete the Admissions Application”

…or to avoid all of that, just go to:

Now fill out the application, including your Social Security number. Choose the closest match to your major; this can be adjusted later.

2. 2. Get your L number

In a few days, you will receive your L number and a temporary password This should be the same L number that you were issued as a student at Siuslaw High School if you have taken college-credit classes.

3. 3. Set up your accounts:

Once you get your L number, go

Enter your L number and the temporary password you were given.

Once you are in MyLane, follow the steps to

a) Change your password

b) Set up your LCC email account

c) Take the New Student Information Session (NSIS) online. You will find a link in your MyLane account, or you can go to:

Follow the steps and read the information on each page until you reach the quiz at the end. It’s not difficult.

4. 4. Placement Testing

LCC requires all students to take a placement test in two subject areas: reading/writing and math or to provide proof that you don’t need to take the placement tests.

Proof can be established by providing your Smarter Balanced scores, For information on how to “place out” of one or both tests, go to:

For information on the testing process, go to:

For information on placing out of the tests based on your Smarter Balanced scores, go to: To qualify for a waiver, submit your Smarter Balanced scores and transcript to

Placement tests are offered occasionally at LCC Florence. Call 541-997-8444 for more information. Otherwise you’ll need to take the tests in Eugene. To schedule a test in Eugene, go to:

5. 5. Attend an Advising Session:

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you are ready to attend a Start Right Advising Session. This will probably be at the Eugene campus. Various dates are available. For information on sessions in Florence, call 541-463-4800. For more information on Start Right Advising Sessions go to:

Be sure to take all necessary material with you to the Start Right Advising Session, which may include a transcript and/or a copy of your Smarter Balanced scores.

You may qualify for the online version of the Start Right Advising Session. For more information go to:

6. 6. Apply for Scholarships

Apply to the LCC Foundation for scholarships. This must be done before the deadline, which is typically in early March. To apply, you must have your L number but you don’t need to complete the other steps to enrollment before applying for scholarships. For information go to

7. 7. Finances

Check your account regularly at MyLane to make sure that all awards and grants have posted. Grants like the Pell Grant and Oregon Promise are typically divided into thirds, with one-third applied to each quarter.

If you are receiving any local scholarships, be sure to provide the necessary information to the donor (like proof of enrollment) and find out how the money gets to your account.