QuestBridge is a program for high school juniors and seniors that matches high achieving, low-income students with top-notch colleges. QuestBridge partners with 39 colleges and universities nationwide. QuestBridge offers three opportunities for participation:

1. College Prep Scholars Program: prepares high school juniors for participation in the National College Match as seniors. This provides an optional ‘head start’ on the process.

2. National College Match: If selected as a finalist, the following benefits are provided:

a. A full 4-year scholarship if ‘matched’ with a college

b. Application fees are waived

c. Early admission consideration at multiple colleges

d. Multiple opportunities for regular admission

e. A unique application that allows the student to tell his/her story

f. The opportunity to join the QuestBridge Scholars Network while in college

3. QuestBridge Scholars Network: for college students who were accepted into the National College Match. Provides ongoing support.


1. Graduate before summer of 2018

2. Open to all U.S. citizens and permanent residents

3. A’s in the high school’s most challenging courses (a school profile must be submitted)

4. Top 5% to 10% of graduating class

5. Demonstrate strong writing skills and intellectual curiosity

6. Less than $65,000 income (based on a family of 4) with little or no assets (often indicated by eligibility for free or reduced cost lunch)

7. Strong personal character

8. Extracurricular achievements (individual stories are relevant: a job to help pay for family expenses, caring for younger siblings, etc.)

A ‘holistic’ approach is used; there are no specific cutoffs for GPA or test scores.

Application Process

1. National College Match application

2. Two letters of recommendation from teachers of core subjects

3. School report from counselor

4. School profile

5. High school transcript

6. SAT/ACT scores

For students who are not “matched,” the process continues through regular admission channels and may still result in a substantial scholarship. If matched, the student is required to enroll in that college.

Profile of 2016 finalist

3.87 GPA (unweighted)

1280 to 1400 SAT (out of 1600)

70% of students were 1st generation college