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For additional materials please see our new supplementary site: https://bit.ly/AfterHS2. There you will find:

ASPIRE Handbook for SHS and MHS students

Life After High School Handbook for SHS and MHS students

Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Application


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ASPIRE Calendar

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Costs of Oregon Colleges

If you are interested in preparing for the PSAT, SAT or ACT, contact ASPIRE volunteer Robert Orr at: borr@siuslaw.k12.or.us

There is no charge for classes or individual tutoring.



NOTE: Only those sites marked with an * have been updated for 2022-23. Other dates are likely to be similar to the ones shown but will be verified as we receive information.


August 2022

*August 6: Registration deadline for September ACT

*August 17-19: SHS registration for classes

*August 17: Late registration for August 28 SAT

*August 20: Late registration for September ACT

*August 28: SAT

*August 29: NACAC Virtual College Fair

September 2022

*September 3: Deadline to register for October SAT

*September 6: Labor Day

*September 7: Orientation for 9th graders

September 7: Application period opens for Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarships

*September 8: Regular classes begin

*September 11: ACT

*September 12: NACAC Virtual College Fair

*September 15: Gates Scholarship applications due (5 PM)

September 15: Beat the Odds scholarship applications due

*September 17: Registration deadline for October ACT

September 22: Oregon Promise application period opens

*September 21: Late registration deadline for October SAT

*September 27: First day of RTEC 101 at LCC (2 credits)

*September 28: NACAC Northeastern U.S. Virtual College Fair

September 29: Questbridge National College Match application deadline

October 2022

October 1: Application period closes for OSAA scholarships (?)

*October 1: FAFSA and ORSAA filing period opens

*October 1: Late registration deadline for October ACT

*October 2: SAT

*October 3: NACAC Virtual College Fair

*October 5: PNACAC Oregon College Fair at U of O

*October 8: Deadline to register for November SAT

*October 8: SHS closed - teacher professional growth

*October 8: OSU Open House

*October 11: SHS Financial Aid Information Night

October 13: College Board Day at SHS

*October 14: NACAC Midwest U.S. Virtual College Fair

*October 14 and 15: Family conferences at SHS

*October 23: ACT test (SHS may be a testing site; register early)

*October 24: NACAC Virtual College Fair

October 25: Horatio Alger scholarship applications due

*October 26: Late registration deadline for November SAT

October 31: VFW Audio essay competition deadline

November 2022

*November 1: OSAC Scholarship application opens

November 1: Early application deadline at OSU, U of O, and Clark Honors College

*November 1: First day of RTEC 101 at LCC (1 credit)

*November 2: Election Day!

*November 2: NACAC Arts, Tech, Science, Engineering and Math Virtual College Fair

*November 4: Deadline to register for December SAT

*November 5: Deadline to register for December ACT test

*November 6: SAT

*November 6: OSU Open House

*November 10: Co-op work experience evaluation due (quarter 1)

*November 11: SHS closed - Veteran's Day

*November 12: SHS closed - grading day; end of first quarter

*November 14: NACAC Virtual College Fair

*November 15: Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship deadline

*November 16: U of O Stamps Scholarship deadline (must apply to U of O by November 1)

November 15: Rhody Festival logo design contest deadline

*November 15: SHS start of second quarter

November 19: Marine Technology scholarship applications due

*November 19: Late registration deadline for December ACT

*November 23: Late registration deadline for December SAT

*November 24-28: SHS closed - Thanksgiving break

November 30: Rotary Exchange applications due

November 30: Linn-Benton priority application deadline

December 2022

December 1: Early and priority application deadline for EOU and PSU

December 1: Scholarship priority deadline for EOU and PSU

December 1: Rolling application begins for PSU

*December 4: SAT (SHS may be a testing site; register early)

December 6: National Honor Society scholarship applications due

December 6: Rhody Court application deadline

*December 11: ACT test

December 15: Application period opens for Central Oregon CC Foundation Scholarships

December 16: Early bird application deadline for Peanut Butter and Jelly scholarship

December 23: Kaiser Permanente scholarship applications due

*December 18-31: SHS and MHS closed for winter break


January 2023

*January 1: Deadline to join First Community Credit Union to be eligible for scholarships

*January 1-2: SHS and MHS closed - winter break

*January 1: Application period opens for SOCC Foundation Scholarships

*January 3: SHS classes resume

*January 6: Deadline to register for February 11 ACT test

*January 6: Deadline for Pride Foundation (LGBTQ) scholarships

*January 12: Future Farmers of America scholarship applications due

*January 15: U of O application deadline

*January 15: OSAC/ASPIRE progress report due (administrative function)

*January 16: SHS and MHS closed - MLK Day

*January 20: Late registration for February ACT

*January 22: Oregon Latino Scholarship applications due

*January 31: Black United Fund of Oregon scholarship applications due

February 2023

*February 1: OSU application deadline for admissions and scholarships

*February 1: OSU scholarship priority deadline (Apply for Scholar Dollars as soon as you are admitted)

*February 1: PSU admission application and scholarship application deadline

February 1: Application period opens for Questbridge juniors

*February 1: Applications open for Chemeketa CC scholarships

*February 1: Oregon Barbers and Hairdressers Grant application due

*February 2: SHS co-op work experience evaluation due (second quarter)

*February 3: SHS closed - grading day; end of first semester

*February 3: FBI National Academy Association Youth Leadership application deadline

*February 6: Elks National Foundation Legacy Scholarship applications due

*February 6: Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship application due

*February 7: SHS start of third quarter

*February 7: Senior Seminar meeting #1

*February 8: Kaiser Permanente scholarship application deadline

*February 10: Deadline to register for March 11 SAT

*February 11: ACT

*February 15: U of O Diversity and Presidential Scholarship application deadlines

*February 15: Deadline to file FAFSA to be eligible for U of O Staton scholarship (for extreme need)

*February 15: OSAC Early Bird scholarship applications due

*February 17: Last day to change class schedule

*February 20: SHS Closed - President's Day

*February 21: Senior Seminar meeting #2 (Finance Part 1)

*February 22: Senior Seminar meeting #3 (Finance Part 2)

*February 22: NW Careers Youth Expo, Portland

*February 28: Evergreen Aviation Scholarship

*February 28: Early Bird registration (discounted fees) for Rotary World Affairs Seminar in June

*February 28: Senior Seminar meeting #4

March 2023

*March 1: OSAC final scholarship application deadline

*March 1: Ford Family Foundation scholarship application deadline

*March 1: WOU scholarship application deadline (includes WOU/ASPIRE scholarship)

*March 1: Application period closes for SOCC Foundation Scholarships

*March 1: PNACAC scholarship deadline

*March 1: Oregon 4-H scholarship applications due

*March 1: Application period closes for OIT Foundation Scholarships

*March 1: Coalition of Oregon School Administrators scholarship applications due

March 2: Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship (not offered in 2022 or 2023)

*March 2: LCC Foundation Scholarships application deadline

*March 3: SIUSLAW REGIONAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION (SRSA) DUE (thank-you letters expected from recipients)

*March 7: Senior Seminar meeting #5

*March 9-10: No school at SHS - parent conferences

*March 10: Regular application deadline for April 15 ACT

*March 11: SAT

March 12: Women and the Vote scholarship applications due

*March 14: Senior Seminar meeting #6

*March 15: Oregon Jewish Community Foundation scholarship applications due

March 15: Application period opens for SAIL summer camps at U of O

March 15: HOSA - Future Health Professionals Scholarship

*March 17: Job Fair at SHS

March 18: Oregon Community Leadership (Harrington) Scholarship application deadline

*March 19 to 27: SHS and MHS Spring Break

March 21: QuestBridge College Prep Scholars (for juniors) applications due

*March 21: Senior Seminar meeting #7

*March 24: Late registration deadline for April 15 ACT

*March 30: Oregon PTA scholarship application due

*March 31: Mt. Hood Foundation applications for admission and scholarships due

*March 31: Clear Alliance scholarship applications due

*March 31: SELCO Scholarship application due

*April 1: Davis Putter Scholarship applications due

*March 31: Blue Mountain CC Scholarship applications due

*March 31: Application period closes for Chemeketa CC Foundation Scholarships

*March 31: Oregon School Counselors Association scholarship applications due

April 2023

April 1: Associated Oregon Loggers Scholarship

April 1: Applications open for OSAA scholarships

April 1: Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs fine arts scholarship applications due

*April 15: INCIGHT scholarship applications due

*April 1: First Community Credit Union scholarship application due (join FCCU 90 days in advance)

*April 3: U.S. Institute of Peace Essay Contest applications due

*April 4: Senior Seminar meeting #8

*April 7: Geraldine Bagley Scholarship application due

*April 7: OPBC scholarship application due

*April 7: Slocum Research and Education Foundation scholarship (healthcare) applications due

*April 7: Deadline to register for May 6 SAT

April 11: Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest local competition at FEC

*April 11: Senior Seminar meeting #9

April 13: LBCC Foundation scholarship application deadline

*April 13: SHS co-op work experience evaluation due (quarter 3)

*April 15: ACT

April 15: Application period opens for American Legion Law Enforcement Career Camp (for students age 15 to 17) Apply on this date!

*April 14: SHS Closed - grading day; end of third quarter

*April 15: Marine Tech Society scholarship deadline

*April 17: Start of fourth quarter at SHS

*April 18: Senior Seminar meeting #10

*April 25: Late registration for May 6 SAT

*April 25: Senior Seminar meeting #11

April 30: Western Governors Association Art Competition deadline

May 2023

May 1: Deadline to register for RYLA summer camp

*May 2: Senior Seminar meeting #12

May 4: Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest finals in Coos Bay

*May 4: Deadline to register for June 3 SAT

*May 6: SAT

*May 9: Senior Seminar meeting #13

May 15: Deadline to apply for FBI Portland Teen Academy (current sophomores and juniors may apply)

*May 15: ASPIRE progress report and student participation reports due (administrative function)

*May 15: OSAC coordinator and volunteer surveys due (administrative function)

*May 16: Deadline to register for June 15 ACT

*May 16: Senior Seminar meeting #14

*May 19-22: Rhody Days

*May 19: Deadline to apply for Rotary World Affairs Seminar in June

*May 20: Late registration for June ACT

*May 22: Evening of Excellence

*May 23: Senior Seminar meeting #15

*May 24: SHS Scholarship Awards Night

May 24: Oregon Space Grant Consortium STEM Grants applications due

*May 25: Late registration deadline for June SAT

*May 29: SHS closed - Memorial Day

*May 30: Senior meeting for scholarship recipients

May 31: Lane County Farm Bureau scholarship applications due

June 2023

*June 1: Oregon Promise deadline (requires FAFSA by this date)

*June 2: Last day for SHS Seniors

June 2: Co-op work experience evaluations due (quarter 4)

*June 3: SAT

June 7: ASPIRE student surveys due

*June 9: SHS Graduation

*June 10: ACT

*June 15: Last day of classes at SHS

*June 16: Grading day

*June 16: Regular registration deadline for July 15 ACT

June 13: Bow Seat's Ocean Awareness Competition deadline

June 20-25: Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) in Dorena, Oregon

*June 23: Late registration deadline for July 15 ACT

June 24: Application to LCC Fall term advised; classes will fill

*June 24: Late registration for July ACT

June 24: MODA Health scholarship applications due

*June 24-30: Rotary World Affairs Seminar (Wisconsin)

June 28: Priority application deadline for Linn-Benton CC

*June 30: FAFSA filing deadline

July 2023

*July 1: Deadline to apply for American Legion Law Enforcement Career Camp

July 14: Application period opens for the Gates Millennium Scholarship

July 15: Application period closes for Central Oregon CC Foundation scholarships

July 15-19: First session of University of Oregon Summer Academy

*July 15: ACT test

July 22-26: Second session of University of Oregon Summer Academy

August 2023

*August 1: Oregon Chafee Grant applications due

August 31: Nursing Schools Almanac scholarship applications due

September 2023

September 1: EOU regular application deadline

September 2: Oregon Tech regular application deadline

This site was created in January, 2017 by an ASPIRE volunteer in the Siuslaw School District of Lane County, Oregon. The primary purpose of this site is to provide convenient "one-stop-shopping" for a variety of links to important websites as you engage in the processes exploring colleges; testing for, applying to and seeking financial aid for colleges; or exploring other options to follow high school graduation.

For questions about the site, or if you have information to add, please contact webmaster Robert Orr: borr@siuslaw.k12.or.us