Books and Study Guides

There are many good books that will provide you with information about planning for life beyond high school, determining a career path, taking the SAT and ACT tests, applying to college, surviving the first year in college, and more. Here are a few, with links to Amazon Smile.

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Barron's PSAT/NMSQT This is a well-rated book that will help you prepare for the PSAT and the NMSQT, usually taken in the junior year.

College Panda's SAT Essay This book will give you guidance about writing good essays on SAT tests.

Escape Essay Hell A highly-rated book that will help you to prepare for writing the essays that will be required as part of your college applications.

Fiske Guide to Colleges Information about hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.

Official ACT Prep Guide There are various ACT prep guides available. If you buy just one, it should be this one. It is published by the ACT company that writes the ACT test.

Official SAT Study Guide Several companies, including Princeton Review, Kaplan and Barrons, publish SAT study guides. If you going to purchase only one, get this one. It is published by the College Board, the organization that writes the SAT.

Official SAT Study Guide for Subject Tests Published by the College Board, this book provides information about each of the 20 individual subject tests. Some colleges require that you take one or more of these subject tests as part of the application process.

PWN the SAT Math Guide This is highly-rated book devoted just to review for the math portion of the SAT

What Color is Your Parachute ? for Teens A very helpful guide that will help you to determine the best college major or career based on your interests, talents, and background.