March 2019

Spring Break is nearly here. There are many scholarship applications that are due just before, during, or immediately following Spring Break. It is very important that you plan ahead!

A scholarship deadline may refer to the date the application is due in the hands of the organization, or it may refer to the date by which it must be postmarked. It is not always clear which one the due date refers to, so be safe and mail your scholarship applications at least two days before the due date.

When completing scholarship applications, pay attention to the details. Neatness, proper grammar and punctuation, carefully written essays, and following the exact instructions given for each application will increase your chances of receiving scholarships.

The Rotary 4-way speech contest will be held after school on April 11. First prize is $750 with an opportunity to compete for additional cash awards at the district level. You may get more information and an application from the ASPIRE office.

If you’ve been accepted at a college or university and you don’t see your name on the bulletin board outside the ASPIRE office, please tell someone in the ASPIRE office.

There is a new scholarship from the Florence Police Union. Applications are available in the ASPIRE office. The deadline to apply is April 19.

It is very important for our scholarship donors to be thanked for their generous support. Please be sure to write a thank-you note for each scholarship you receive. Following scholarship night on May 30, the counseling and ASPIRE offices will be hosting our first-ever ‘thank-you lunches’ at which time all students who received scholarships will be invited to gather for a special lunch and a chance to write thank-you notes. Please watch for details in our next two newsletters.

The SHS ASPIRE and Counseling offices have written a book for college-bound students that contains a wealth of information about getting ready for college, signing up for classes, renting an apartment, saving money on books and supplies, staying safe, finding help when you need it, and much more. You may sign up in the ASPIRE office for one of these free books.