Worksource Oregon

Worksource Oregon provides assistance with resumes, interviews, and job searches. It also sponsors an online job listing site for employment opportunities in Oregon. To utilize Worksource Oregon and Worksource Lane:


1. Go to

2. Under "Unemployment" click on "iMatchSkills Register.Login."

3. Click on "Job Seekers Start Here."

4. Create a password. Read the directions carefully.

5. After the first few pages of questions, you will reach the menu page. THis page has a variety of links. Click on "iMatchSkills" to complete your registration.

Look for jobs

1. Go to

2. Under "Job Seekers" click on "Find a Job."

3. Click on "Browse Oregon."

In many cases you will be able to apply directly to the employer. In some cases, however, you will need to contact Worksource Oregon to apply.