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The World’s Most Exciting Serious Games

Phantomation, MIT Games (Animation)
Mission US: Flight to Freedom (Life Skills)
Play Forward: Elm City Stories, Schell Games and Digital Mill (Healthcare/Medical)
Cornak,  Succubus Interactive (Business)
DragonBox Algebra 12, WeWantToKnow AS (Education)
Game Over Gopher, New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab (Education)
Planting the Seed, Canadian Space Agency (Education)
Practice OperationsMuzzy Lane Operations (Education)
Cool School: Where Peace Rules (Life Skills)
Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are (Life Skills)
Who Am I? Race Awareness Game (Life Skills)
Argument Wars (Civics)

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research papers on serious games and gamification

Here are some articles on gamification and serious games which may be helpful for those who like to know more about these topics e.g. for their master thesis. Just click on the links.

[1] ‘Gamification’: Influencing Health Behaviours with Games

  • How games make kids smarter -- TEDx Talk of Gabe Zichermann arguing about Gamification -- Video on
  • Gaming can make a better world -- TED Talk of Jane McGonical, author of "Reality is Broken" -- Video on
  • Can Treating Your Life As A Game Make You A Better Person? -- Report and Analysis of a blogger who "gamified" everything for a week -- Article on
  • What your designs say about you -- TEDx Talk by Sebastian Deterding about ethics in a gamified world -- Video on
  • Inspirational Videos -- A collection of videos to help you inspire you for your final projects -- Inspirational Videos