final project(s) requirement(s) / presentation(s) / 2016 inspiration(s) / agenda / proposal

important -- (please) include zip of your ximpel project!

contribution(s): to be clear, your final application(s) must contribute to the terragon education games initiative, and illustrate the goals and intentions of such games in a sufficiently clear way, following the guidelines and directives given by Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz, so that your joint work will form a collection of applications that can be used for the further promotion and development of terragon education games (using ximpel)!

include your project portfolio as indicated:
  1. Bio Detective -- Christian Degott, Daan Siepelinga, Fahad Ali, Mooli Paz, and Stephanie Eckhardt --  Portfolio site (check top menu tabs)presentation The Game
  2. Escape from the Concrete Jungle - Lars Cordewener, Tommie Kerstens, Jiewei Zhang, Pierre-Nicolas Eude, Gregoire Linot -
  3. Nateld: Hero of Nature  -- Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal, Iulia Cristina Ban, Selina Blijleven, Goran Stronstad, Nicky Kessels, Rachad Dedoubi -- portfolio
  4. Re-inventing the wheel - Arash Parnia, Banno Postma, Luka Parat, Oksana Kachaniuk, Qiyu Chen, Tim Tempelaars - Link to the Portfolio Site   
  5. Harvest Chef -- Sascha van Essen, Suzanne Stuifberger, Margie Liauw, Brendan Mans, Eric Ruts -- Link to project site
  6. Plantagotchi -- Zakaria Nafid, Yasmina Kada, Arousjka Francis, Rachid Hamcha - Concept presentation  Link to project site XIMPEL application
  7. Survival Tycoon -- Peter van der Giessen, Tom Jansen, Robert de Kuijer en Tibor Vermeij -- Concept presentation -- Link to project site
  8. The Pollution Solution -- Aleida Hoeijmakers, Jeroen Borst -- Link to project - Presentation

(include) advice to (potential) adopter(s) -- children & teachers

  • localization -- how to apply to terragon or (other) local context
  • productive/active children -- to explore, experience & create ...
  • report/journal -- using media, including drawings, photos & video
  • communication -- with (interactive) storytelling & (possibly) game play
and as an (additional) intellectual challenge, I may ask you: what is the resolution of choice ? 
remember, it is about commitment !
and ... ehm ... another invitation... wait ... slow, slow, slow ...   technology + co-creativity = utopia ? upside-down / current / cycle / stage  :: trail(s) -- Æ


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