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final project(s) / original (dutch) version

Terragon NME interactive game
produced by Ahead of the Game / Terragon
Description of the project
The Terragon Nature Play involves children from 7 to 9 years to nature in their own city through
an online game together with experiences outside, in nature.
Nowadays schoolchildren remain devoid of nature and environmental education, in part because there is not much
budget more for trips. There are educational programs for nature and environmental education, such as the
Selection Boxes The Hague, but they are all based on text and provide effective
experiences in nature. We think we can fix this by linking to an online game
experiences in nature. Three schools run the game at school, we play this game
school, followed by a small group class to Terragon comes to investigate where the world of the
games is "for real". , They make an online report to their classroom. The results are
shared a festive end in "real life" Terragon where the parents are invited.
The Nature Game Amsterdam we give school children the opportunity to have a better relationship with the
nature and we get them away from their console to play outside together.
a. What is the title of the project?
Terragon Environmental Education interactive game
b. Give a brief summary of the content of the project.
This project is a pilot for the education of an online game based on the method of
selecting cases from The Hague , with a storyline and offline visit Terragon in the Gardens
West . The method is based on learning for sustainable development, and is concretely
created with the theme of food because a lot of food is produced in the West Gardens,
a natural, stadslandbouw- and leisure area of approximately 400 hectares in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
Three schools run the game at school, and a small group of each class to
Terragon is to examine how it really is. There, they make an online report
in front of the class. The results are the latest in a shared event Terragon anywhere
parents are invited.
We will make use of the XIMPEL platform for interactive media. XIMPEL is extremely
suitable for Terragon educational game concept, where the telling and passing on
stories are central. The experiences of the participants are recorded in the form of
various media, including drawings, photographs, audio clips and videos to and within
XIMPEL then be brought together to create a story.
These media elements are the basic elements within the platform together XIMPEL
can be coupled by means of visual markers known as overlays. Except the
media elements that provide the participants it is possible to add additional resources to
add to floor. This may be thought of geographical maps, (to the left)
background articles and YouTube videos. This allows the interactions may possibly even richer
could be.
After a story within XIMPEL is recorded in the form of a so-called playlist, it can
(interactive / non-linear) can be looked back, but then also be further extended,
so there is more and more content available that can also be available online
The results wirden made available through a dedicated website:
Terragon educational games - evaluation
Based on the requirements imposed on the learning in the 21 st century [1],
(1) cognitive skills, (2) intra-personal skills, and (3) interpersonal
competencies, we focus on the terragon educational games on attention to reality, as
nature, local communities and professional activities (crafts and trade), finding a
personal interest and perspective of observation and the transfer of acquired
knowledge and understanding to others, using interactive media such as supported
by ximpel platform.
Learning, in such a context, must be seen as a group activity, the principles
the "swarm" funds, alignment with each other, changing leadership, and mild performance enhancing
competition. In the scheme of terragon educational games are cooperation, personal
floor, and transfer center, and with regard to the educational goals we see in the
students deepen knowledge and develop judgment as important
elements, in addition to the activation of efficacy and productivity through appropriately guided
In this setup only, we believe, to assess the work performed best process
peer review, in the simplest form through likes and comments in a (micro) social network,
and an expanded form is rated by points, supplemented with comments on the
criteria: relevance, expressiveness and challenge, indicating aspects to provide work that
the idea of the leaders of terragon educational games, are essential to the educational
Aims, activation of interest and stimulate the desire to learn more,
ie further deepening of the knowledge acquired at school!
c. Why would you start this project?
The alienation of the natural environment is close to our heart. On the other hand,
People have been developing many innovative technologies, the sin is to do not use
to make. But the online world is our vision in service of the offline world.
Our years of international experience with mixed-reality gaming we would like to bet on us now
site, a 2.5 acre piece of land in the West Gardens. At this location we organize
camps and after-school activities where children based on an imaginative and creative story
offside operate.
The project is a combination of an online game, the location Terragon and entrepreneurs in the
Gardens West. The game is being developed in collaboration with the university and the
Media College Amsterdam. The educational program is developed based on the selection boxes
The Hague because the software is very suitable for it and the procedure is consistent with the
skills that children need to learn.
With this application, we want to organize a pilot project to implement the program with schools.
d. What is the concrete result of the project?
An online follow storyline modules and learning outcomes, an education package
parts for the classroom accompanied by a guest teacher (student) and with a possibility
for excursions in small groups. Result and launch a verhalenarchief with movies,
permanent to use.
May, on the basis of the educational material the selection box Garter NME department Hague.
The design is performed by students of the Media College Amsterdam and technical
supported by the University.
e. When the project is done? (phasing in schedule with start and end dates)
Start educational effect: the end of May 2017
Start implementation of first school: September 2017
Adaptation: December to April 2018
Second round implementation: April 2018
f. Where will the project take place?
In schools in Amsterdam terragon , Osdorperweg 665, Amsterdam.
g. What is (are) the target group (s) of the project?
Pupils groups 5 and 6 of the primary.
h. How many people reach the project is expected?
Pilot with three schools, six classes of 25 students 150 students.
Parents are involved in the end-event.
i. What effect must have the project to reach people?
In the process, the students learn to make choices based on information gathering and
reflection on their own opinions in a real situation. The game and the tour through them
the whole process of learning to know, understand and do. Because both online and offline
experience coupled together will teach children the value of information and belief
food producers.
j. How are you looking for publicity for your project / how will you reach your target?
Through the existing network of Terragon and undertakings Gardens West, the
schools approached.
a. From whom or where you have gathered information for the design or implementation of the project?
Nienke Kwikkel, ANMEC
Geo Burggraaff, NME Hague
LJ Veldhuyzen, Principal, The New International School DENISE
b. Do you cooperate with other organizations in the project? If so, please specify.
Anton Eliens. professor of Serious Gaming at VU
Gabe Mcintyre , Award Winning Game Designer, Lecturer at HKU
The undertakings of West Gardens . For 13 years we have a good relationship with all
entrepreneurs in the West Gardens developed.
About Ahead of the Game
Ahead of the Game has developed several at games for co-creation, education, sustainability, brand promotion, and
human resources for various public and private clients. In Addition, we have initiated our own games zoals
Play Real , Terragon CS The Tower of Babel and funded by the European Commission, Stichting Doen, and
Game Fund. In 2005 we won the prestigious Spin Awards for Best Gaming concept and Introducing alternate reality
gaming in the Netherlands, beating multimillion productions zoals Nokia 20 Lives. In the past the Amsterdam
International Community School has Participated in our games, as well as schools from 17 European countries.
Our areas of expertise are collaborative networks, mixed-reality game development, social innovation, social
currencies, acknowledgment systems and data analytics enhancing collective 'green' intelligence