reading material(s)

draw(s) civic mission(s):: social / context(s)


read(s) happy player(s):: project utopia / article(s) / reference(s) / technical book(s) / reading(s) / strategy

for this course, you don't need to read too much, although, apart from exploring the online resource(s), I may recommend: in addition, it might be worthwhile to become familiar with and for the adventurous and, of course, you may read more from the reference(s) above and other(s)!

reader's digest(s) -- plagiarism(s)

creativity / participant(s)

and, of course, also students are welcome to include fragments or references that they like!
  • creativity is a communical process -- from organic creativity
  • I think it is better to take a risk and constantly come up with new ideas, instead of playing it safe and incrementally improving the same concept over and over again -- from Michel Lamoré: innovation or evolution?
  • and I almost forgot -- create religion(s) upside-down / current / cycle / stage  :: trail(s) -- Æ


campaign(sagainst noise::  create / learn / observe / play / topical media