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  • in case you did not provide a URL, send an email to and (please) indicate your (individual) number, as listed in participant(s)!
  • (to avoid confusion) -- when you form a group for your final project, you must create an entry in student contribution(s) >> final project(s)

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8/6/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- grade(s) / feedback

the grades should be available on vunet soon, for those who've requested for grading,
I will not provide any grades via email, but you can check whether you passed or not via:
and in case you disagree with your grade you can communicate that via email to me with
arguments why you would like to have a lower or possibly higher grade, so we can start negotiations.

All in all it was a pleasure to look at the results, and it made clear to me that I can still learn a lot from you,
I might as one remarked to me even miss you for that, anyway looking at your work and reading your essays
made me realize how important it is to retain playful behavior, even at an older age.

For those of you who did not submitted a request for grading yet, look at:

I have collected the ximpel applications in
you can find Winoe Bhikharie's comments on:

and finally I want to thank you for participating in this course
with an explicit thanks to Winoe for his essential contributions!

PS feedback/comments on the course are still welcome via:     

23/5/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- feedback / peer review(s)

so far I received 1 feedback on the course and 1 peer review, see:


and I am waiting (!) for more:


and with the review(s) don't forget to include your name, that is replace John Doe with your name!

for further information, see: 

18/5/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- feedback on course

alltogether I was pleased to see the results of this course, both the projects as well as
the comments on how you all experienced it.
You wpuld do me a great favor by submitting your feedback/comments via
the online form:

PS your request(s) for grading is indicated with [R] in:

17/5/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- presentation(s) / peer review(s)

tomorrow, wednesday the 18th of may, we have the presentations of the final projects,
as listed in:
make sure your project is included, and has a link to a sufficiently informative project portfolio!
For each presentation there will be (exactly) 4 minutes available, and it would be nice to include a short demonstration
of your actual prototype/proof of concept game!

Also, from today on you may start with the peer reviews:
Note that the peer reviews are this year, in opposition to previous years, reviews of the individual portfolios
of the SG course participants:

Finally, tomorrow you will have to indicate whether you are ready for grading, for which the criteria are listed in:

see you tomorrow, and be in time! 

6/5/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- one-slide(r): essay

for clarity, you are indeed meant to produce one slide about your essay:
  • optional, but highly recommended: one-slide(r) about your essay for the ACTG on may 11

meant for discussion in class, with possibly provocative statements concerning serious games and/or the course!

see you wednesday may 11, WN-M129[E], and be in time!

28/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- ximpel / ACTG

I hope you all survived our national kingsday, and are well able to resume the work (with ximpel)!
next wednesday, the 4th of may, we will have three (student) guestspeakers, about MOOCs an frustration:
  1.  04/05/16  WN-S631[M]: ... what I talk about when I talk about ... with Jari, Cherish & Melvin  ... ?

also Winoe will be there, so if you have any questions about ximpel, this is an opportunity!

The essays don't have to be completed until you finalize your portfolio, but (also for the peer reviews)
I would like you to consider:

  • optional, but highly recommended: one-slide(r) about your essay for the ACTG on may 11

in this way we can discuss the many still open issues wrt serious games on the 11th of may,
the week before the presentation of the

  1.  18/05/16  WN-C659[T/P] ... final project(s) ... 

If there are any questions or issues, let me know!

see you next wednesday, be in time!

25/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- portfolio(s): status

after a long day of work, I completed a first round through your portfolio(s),
and updated your status accordingly, see

all in all, I am quite satisfied with what is there in terms of diversity, creativity and intellectual depth,
and I like the mix of disciplines and interests as displayed in the utopias, moodboards and final projects

my comments should be self-evident, but if you need an explanation, either ask me after the next session
or if you want some explanation more urgently, send me an email at

and, don't slack down, continue to work, you're well on your way!

see you next week, wednesday the fourth of may, be in time! 

19/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- concept(s)

please (make an effort to) include your projects (as indicated) in:
all of you have permission to edit, login (at the bottom of the page) and click the pencil on top of the page,
and then (after including your information, names and project portfolio url) don't forget to save!

see you tomorrow, and be in time! 

15/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- ximpel / concept(s)

as promised:

before next wednesday, please include your project(s) in:

and don't hesitate to pose questions in:

and finally, as I already indicated in class, i will have a first round of feedback on the portfolio and assignments thus far
after the concept presentations, so please make your portfolio available ASAP, see:

see you wednesday [in a different room: WN-C659], and be in time!

12/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- utopia

where is utopia?
in your portfolio as listed in:
where else?

and in case you don't have a portfolio yet, create one ASAP.
For previous announcements:

see you tomorrow, don't forget paper and pen/pencil(s), and be in time!

PS I will start giving feedback on your portfolio(s) after session 4: concept presentation(s)! 

10/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- workshop / reading(s)

the (additional) information on ximpel is forthcoming, but in the meantime have a look at the examples on
this wednesday we will have a workshop, which is primarily meant to support you in developing and visually expressing your ideas:
  1.  13/04/16  WN-C623[U] ... workshop game design ... with ...  ... & ... pitch ? ...

and (try to) make yourself familiar with the other material(s) on the site!

see you wednesday, and be in time!

6/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- optional(s) / ximpel

practical information about the use of ximpel will soon (...) be posted in:

there you can also find optional assignments to enrich your portfolio(s):
so, if you have nothing better to do ... and also think about (as indicated today) what is the impact of mathematics on your life,
and yes, make it personal, it is your story: see

and, finally, I keep record of the absences, see:
so make your you indicate (the reason of) your absence in:

see you next week for the workshop:
take pencil(s) & paper and be in time!

5/4/2016: via email I wrote: SG -- announcement(s) / portfolio(s)

so far there are 20 registrations, less than the number of students in class last week, I think,
but sometimes things start slow ...

Anyway, a number of you has already sent me a link to their portfolio, as you can see on
where for some it is indicated that they are (still) looking for a group.

In case I forget, remind me to spend some time on this, by giving you the opportunity to announce your interest(s).
In week 3, that is april 11, we will have a workshop, as indicated, which provides (another) opportunity to get to know eachother.

The group as such is very diverse, that is perhaps difficult, but also interesting, diversity provides opportunity, as they say.
there are two announcements unrelated to the course:

The intent of those announcements should be clear, but I will explain those tomorrow, if needed.

Registration will be open until the end of the week, and for those who have not created a portfolio yet,
do that as quick as possible, and notify me by email or via the commons.
Finally, attendance is obligatory, and I will check for that, but if you cannot be present and have a
valid reason, (please) indicate that on:

see you tomorrow, and be in time!

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