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email 12/6/2017serious games -- grade(s)

the first round of grading has been completed, see
for whether you passed or not, if you did not pass you may find the reason indicated in:
which also lists the cadidates for the second round of grading, june 30.

to be clear, information about the grades will not be communicated by email!

overall, I was quite satisfied with your work, and I have been mild, and sometimes even generous, with
the actual grading, however if some of you feel they deserve a different grade, either lower or higher,
you may send an email with arguments why and how you would like your grade to be adapted.

And finally, I repeat, your feedback on the course is still welcome, please use the online form at:

email 31/5/2017serious games -- final day

this is the final day before the first grading deadline, make sure that:
-- the final  project portfolio is complete, and contains a zip to the ximpel application
-- your essay is in your portfolio, and is not in docx format
-- your portfolio is in other respects complete and conforms to:
-- you have submitted your peer review(s):
you can see the reviews in:

I hope to have completed the grading by the end of next week, and before or after that
I would appreciate your comments on the course serious games via:
(there is one already, to be found in:

email 17/5/2017serious games -- grading / peer reviews / feedback

(1) on
your will find an indication of the date of grading, for those with an [R] withput comments it is may 31,
for some the date june 30 is indicated, and for those without any indication, it is necessary to explicitly
submit a request for grading, this can be done via email!

(2) for general information about the (obligatory) peer reviews see:
where you can also find links to the relevant pages, as a direct link, you may submit your review(s)

(3) even though this was very likely the last time the course was given, due to reasons I indicated during the
lectures, still feedback on the course is highly appreciated!

as final remarks, don't be late with the reviews, and don't forget to include a link to a zip of your ximpel application
in the project portfolio, and since the weather seems to be stable, so we can expect a sunny day,
I hope to see you tomorrow at terragon:

Obviously, I hope you enjoyed the course, and learned a thing or two, seriously.

email 16/5/2017serious games -- essay

after a question of Lars about the essay, I thought it worthwhile to sent you some additional clarification(s):

--  first of all, the essay is meant to be a reflection on your application, goals, perspective(s) and (aimed for) results,
-- you are recommended to include your understanding of serious games, as for example explained in the references
   contained in:
-- and you may elaborate on educational games, dependent on your (theoretical) background by a somewhat deeper
discussion or treatment of the topics in
-- and, no you don't have to geve a detailed description of your ximpel application,
   and especially not of the implementation details, unless, of course, when you realized an extension to ximpel,
   such as the inclusion of maps, visualisation or animation ...
-- a comparison with, or selected case-studies of, existing games may be a worthwhile endeavor and usually
   leads to informative essay.
-- finally, essays are individual, so avoid too much overlap with essays of your team members, and the recommended
   length is 2-5 pages, but may be up to 10, if needed!

hopefully this clarifies the essay-issue sufficiently! 

email 15/5/2017serious games -- [reminder]: final presentations

I have not really anything to add to what I already indicated below, but just wanted to remind you
of the upcoming final presentations of your project(s), as I phrased in answer to a question:

the last lecture.session is the 17th of may,
17/05/17  WN-F647[T/P] ... final project(s) ...  with Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz & Winoe Bhikharie

and as an explanation, the period consists of 8 weeks, of which 7 weeks are used for lectures,
and the last week (8) for the exam, which in a portfolio course such as serious games is simply omitted.

after the presentations I will send an explicit request for peer reviews, wait until then!

see you wednesday, be in time

email 11/5/2017serious games -- final presentations

today were the presentations of the projects listed in
except, unfortunately no 6. plantagochi!
the projects were well received by the kids, who acted smart enough to be taken seriously!
next week, there will be a followup meeting:

which will act simultaneously as an informal wrap-up of this (serious) course, I how to see many of you there!

as for next week wednesday, there will be the final presentations of the projects, max 4 min,
which should include: title, brrief explanation of the concept, a clarification of the interaction structure,
with a brief but clear demo of the ximpel prototype, so that Winoe Bhikharie will be able to judge the
adequacy of your (ximpel) application!
In principle, only Winoe Bhikharie will then give a short comment!
For (support) questions about ximpel,send a mail to

In answer to a question of one of the students today, the essays are individual,
and for some inspiration have a look at the literature and the issues mentioned in
(bottom of the page), and if there are any further questions, let me know!

I will sent a request for peer reviews (of the projects) after the final presentations of wednesday!

So far, the results look promising, continue the work!

email 10/5/2017serious games -- thursday 11 [ABC]:: 1200-14.15

despite my promise no to mail you today, just a short notice about tomorrow:

thursday may 11: [12.00-14.15]: at ABC school (map) -- presentation of prototypes / children play?

Claudia will take the lead in this, together with those of you present, my role will be more of the silent observer!
As I indicated, after your presentation, it is good to think about the following issues:

(includeadvice to (potentialadopter(s) -- children & teachers

  • localization -- how to apply to terragon or (other) local contxt
  • productive/active children -- to explore, experience & create ...
  • report/journal -- using media, including drawings, photos ∓ video
  • communication -- with (interactive) storytelling & (possibly) gameplay

so that you are prepared to answer questions about how your game concept fits within the
overall intention of terragon education games ...

see (hopefully many of) you tomorrow!

email 9/5/2017serious games -- (ABC): change of plan

as I said in a previous mail:

wednesday, may 10, I want you all to give a brief presentation of work in progress, as a preparation
for the meeting

at thursday 11, however the location of the meeting has been changed:

presentation(s) proof of concept -- change of plan(s)

as you can read in:

the advantage is there there will be computers available so the children can have hands-on experience
with you proof of concept, so make sure a working version of your application is available via your portfolio

see you tomorrow, be in time!

email 8/5/2017serious games -- work in progress

wednesday, may 10, I want you all to give a brief presentation of work in progress, as a preparation
for the meeting

  • thursday may 11 [11.00-13.00 o'clock]: at Terragon: presentation of prototypes to ABC school

hopefully you will have a proof of concept version ready of your application as listed in
and it might be helpful to prepare one slide, preferably contained in the application, that provides the
title, summarizes the contributors (students), and possibly explains the goal of the game/application.

also don't forget to indicate whether you will be present at terragon, may 11, when you sign the list of presence,
but of course I will remind you of that!

see you wednesday, be in time!

email 1/5/2017: Re: serious games -- list final project portfolio(s)!

after a question of Aleide -- how to upload the portfolio -- I wish to emphasize that it is more simple than that,
all of you have editing rights to the commons, and in particular to the final projects page:

some have included their contribution as a comment, and I have edited that my self,
but please do that yourself, and mention all participants, as is now only done for item 2 -- escaoe from
the concrete jungle -- after all, it should not be too difficult to master this simple piece of technology or am I mistaken ...

email 1/5/2017serious games -- list final project portfolio(s)!

as indicated in

(please) list your contribution(s) below!

that is, on the page mentioned above .... there are now only two projects listed, ...
that is what I would characterize as ... slow, slowslow ... 

anyway, I hope they will soon be there, so that Claudia can have a look and possibly give further comments!

for coming wednesday, apart from the left-over concept presentations, my intention is to have a brief reflection
on the impact of technology and discuss the requirements for the essay ...

see you wednesday, and be in time!

email 28/4/2017serious games -- first round portfolios

just completed a first round of looking at your portfolios and gave some brief comments about
the portfolio site and the utopia essay/fragment, which you can read in the status that is listed with your name in

I also include the title of you final project, so please verify whether I did include the right title,
if not, send me an email with the correct title,
still btw there are 9 students without a final project

all final projects should be listed in:
there are now only 2 projects in the list, please complete the list!

for those who were not part of a group  this week and/or did not present their final project concept,
coming wednesday you have the (last) opportunity to present your ideas!

Finally, I have updated the info about the visit to Terragon:

  • thursday may 11 [11.00-13.00 o'clock]: at Terragon: presentation of prototypes to ABC school

and I hope there will be at least one representative fromeach group to present your work to the children
and teachers if the ABC school

see you wednesday, and if there are any questions, let me know, preferably  by email!

with regards


PS after K-day yesterday, I hope you enjoy the (relative) quietness, needed for sufficient focus on the work to be done,
well you know ...

email 24/4/2017serious games -- portfolio final project(s)

most of you now have a personal portfolio, only 3 are missing,
and to be clear I will have a (more formal) look at them after the concept presentations
of coming wednesday.

for the final project you have to create a separate portfolio,
which contains the concept,
and later give access to your ximpel application, with preferably a log of your activities and
links to material that is of relevance ...

include your portfolio in:
remember, you all have the right to edit, (so be careful) ...

hopefully you have already found a group!
see you wednesday, and don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear 

email 21/4/2017serious games -- final projects

... last wednesday you presented an altogether interesting range of ideas and (potential) concept
for the terragon nature game(s).

In order to develop solid concepts (with a strong title) for you final application, I gave collected
some more material and background information in:
don't waste to much time on reading all this, but just use it for the further elaboration of your ideas and inspiration!

Next week, you must have found a group and (preferably) list your final project information in:

Ad, as Claudia indicated, there will be a meeting with the ABC school (for talented kids),
  • may 11 at Terragon: presentation of prototypes to ABC school
where you may present your ideas, supported by a prototype (a first proof of concept) to the kids and teachers
of that school. I hope that many of you will be able to be there at Terragon, it is a nice place, and no doubt there will
be something to consume, ... !

Anyway, I hope this email is clear, and look forward to see the presentation of your concepts wednesday.

email 19/4/2017serious games -- requirements terragon nature game(s)

for those who were not present today

... Claudia can very likely not make the time to give you a personal recap,
so to enable you to join a group and develop a concept for your final application (to be presented next week),
have a look at
where you will (also) find a (prezi) presentation outline the requirements for the terragon nature game(s),
and ask some fellow students, who where present, for some additional comments.

email 17/4/2017serious games -- workshop preparation(s)

after a (mostly) sunny easter, which I hoped you enjoyed, I wish to remind you of the workshop
by Claudia coming wednesday, please take paper & pencil(s) or laptop or whatever, to record your results
and look at:
to prepare yourself, in particular the TNME proposal and the course game design: the power of play!

for further announcements, including where to download ximpel, look at:
and for many of you, don;t forget to submit your url!

finally, to refresh your mind (tomorrow):
 see you wednesday, be in time!

email 14/4/2017serious games -- portfolio(s) / terragon

1. now 38 students have registered:
many of which still have to submit the url of their portfolio!

2. I have made the proposal for Terragon Natuur en Milieu Education Interactive Game available in:
including an english translation obtained from google translate!

3. Next week you must have your utopia assignment ready, and also have a look at the (online)
course game design  harness the power of play to be prepared for the workshop!

4. I hope you enjoy your easter weekend, and find some time to prepare yourself for a productive
continuation of this course, seriously!

email 11/4/2017: serious games -- update [2]

as an update to the previous mail, I extended the description in
to a include a course on game design, (strongly) recommended by Claudia, who will explain her
approach tomorrow. The full text reads now:
contribution(s): to be clear, your final application(s) must contribute to the terragon education games initiative, and illustrate the goals and intentions of such games in a sufficiently clear way, following the guidelines and directives given by Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz, so that your joint work will form a collection of applications that can be used for the further promotion and development of terragon education games (using ximpel)! 

In the workshop, you will hear the requirements for the game, You may/must prepare yourself for the process developing your game, by looking at (and studying) the online course: Harness the Power of Play: The 5 steps of Game Design, developed by Gabe Mcintyregame developer and lecturer. Further instructions will follow!
and for those who did not receive my previous mail or are otherwise confused, look at:
which contains an archive of previously sent emails, and otherwise relevant information,as well as, I repeat:
see you tomorrow, and be in time!

email 11/4/2017serious games -- update (resend: full version)

version 3:
(sorry I hit the send button by accident before finishing the mail)
and another resend, due to complaints of the mail server, some of the links were taken as spam ...

dear all

28 students have now registered:
for many the portfolio url is missing though,
registration is open until the end of the week, spread the word!

all of you have been given (write) access to the commons site, and make sure you read the
in particular:
>     important: the obligitary target is terragon education games  with Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz as co-teacher
this is further clarified:
> contribution(s): to be clear, your final application(s) must contribute to the terragon education games initiative, and illustrate the goals and intentions of such games in a sufficiently clear way, following the guidelines and directives given by Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz, so that your joint work will form a collection of applications that can be used for the further promotion and development of terragon education games (using ximpell)!
Claudia will do the workshop, to enable you to develop appropriate concepts and requirements,
then then the week after that,
>      26/04/17  WN-F647[C]:  ...  concept presentation(s)  ...
 you must have created your working groups (max 4) and present your ideas!
If anything is not clear, let me know, preferably by asking questionin class, tomorrow, or via:

I will see you all tomorrow, then Winoe Bhikharie will explain the use of ximpel, (try to) be in time!
and finally, in the announcements you can also read (for this evening):
>     special invitation: shorinji kempo @ USC Amsterdam (Science Park) tuesdays: 20.00-21.30

I hope I did not forget anything,

with regards


PS and apologies for the many resends! 
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