The Pilgrim's Progress Interpreted

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In this website, I am interpreting the Pilgrims Progress considered as next important to the Bible from a prophetic point of view applying it to the Christians of today.

During the days of my meditation on the Pilgrim's Progress, I have had a strange dream in which I saw a young boy holding an umbrella over the head of an old-man during the outpouring of the "latter" rains (Joel 2:23) on their journey to the destination. The young man is one who is of the 21st century; the old man was of the 17th century. Both of them walk together during the dispensation of the latter rain. I do not overtake John Bunyan but simply walk with him holding the umbrella of honour for him.

The life of John Bunyan can be read here.

Read Tamil version - தமிழில் மோட்ச பயணம் : விளக்கவுரை 

 Job Anbalagan

Part 1

A man in rags*Obstinate & Pliable*Christian in the Slough of Despond*Town of Carnal Policy

Part 2

Goodwill at the Gate*Christian with Interpreter*Passion & Patience*Fire Burning against wall*Stately Palace*A man in cage

Part 3

Cross and Sepulchre*Three sleeping men*Two men stumbling upon the wall*Hill Difficulty*Stately Place called Beautiful*Porter and Damsel*Prudence and Damsel Discretion

Part 4    

Knowledge of Son of God*Provisions in the Armory*Vision of Delectable Mountains*Encounter with Apollyon*Shadow of Valley of Death*End of the shadow of the valley of Death*With Faithful

Part 5

Christian & Faithful with Talkative*Meeting Evangelist*Vanity fair*

Part 6

Merchandise in vanity fair*Mocking & persecution in vanity fair*Trial & judgment*Martyrdom of Faithful

Part 7

Hopeful as companion*Religion, Demas & Money love*Path Meadow*Giant Despair*In captivity with Giant Despair*

Part 8

Hill of Error*By-way to hell*Meeting Ignorance

Part 9

Falling into Net*Meeting Atheist*Conversation with Hopeful*Conversation with Ignorance and Ignorance leaving

Part 10

Nearing the celestial city*Reaching the celestial city*End of journey of Christian

Part 11

From part 11 onwards, the messages of John Bunyan are mostly applicable to the women folk seeking salvation.

Christiana's decision*Christiana's dream*Christiana's entreaty to children*Christiana with her neighbors Timorous and Mercy*Christiana & Mercy at Slough of DespondChristiana & Mercy entering the gate 

Part 12

Garden and Dog*Christiana with Reliever*House for relief of pilgrims*Man with muck-rake in hand*Room of chickens*Garden of flowers

Part 13

Supper & Music at table*Journey into celestial city

Part 14

Ministry of Great Heart*Place of Simple, Sloth and Presumption*Hill Difficulty*Arbor

Part 15

Place of lions*Reaching Porter's lodge*Fellowship in Porter's lodge*Prudence and Piety*Meeting Mr.Brisk

Part 16

Meeting Mr. Skill*Hazardous journey"Piety going back*Valley of Humiliation*Boy feeding the sheep*Reaching the place of Appolyon*Reaching the place of mist and darkness

Part 17

Snares and Giant Maul*Place of the Faithful*Meeting Mr.Fearing*Discussion about Mr. Fearing*Discussion about Self-will and Fellowship with Gaius*Mr.Feeble Mind in the hands of Giant, False Prophet*Marriage of Matthew with Mercy and spiritual discourse*Marriage of James & ministry to weak/feeble-minded*House of Mnason

Part 18

Valiant for truth*Inchanted ground*Mr.Stand Fast and Madam Bubble*Land of Beulah, Zion*Entry of others into celestial city