Guidance for Gigging Pluckers:

Pompey Pluckers performance etiquette (updated 14/01/20)

  • All Pluckers are invited to perform at Standard Gigs. (Fayre, Street, Retirement Homes, etc.)
  • If you get an enquiry about booking Pompey Pluckers for a gig, please ask them to email Pompey Pluckers via:
  • Remember that you are representing Pompey Pluckers which has a reputation to maintain.
  • Performing Pluckers should attend practice regularly to keep up to date with set list songs. Set lists songs should be performed on rotation on both nights so all songs get practiced.
  • On site, the earliest Plucker should identify and communicate to other Pluckers: (i) our performance area, (ii) if there's a Green Room for us to prepare, store bags and be away from the event before performance.
  • Be respectful of the event. We're not always the main attraction, people are there to meet, chat, celebrate etc., so consider audience impression; keep noise to a minimum before the performance. Don't chat before or in between songs.
  • Please respect Pompey Pluckers' reputation by not promoting other non-Pompey Pluckers activities at the gig.
  • Bring your own music; don't rely on sharing someone else's unless you've agreed this in advance. Make sure they’re the right version and key. File in order of Set List to minimise time taken between songs to find correct music.
  • Enjoy it and engage with the audience the best you can by looking up, not at your music, smiling, wearing silly stuff, etc., remember if you appear to be enjoying yourself, it rubs off on the audience.
  • Leaders are shared and rotated to allow all to build up their confidence and technique


  • Respond to the online calendar invites select [YES], [MAYBE] or [NO] options
  • We need to get a good idea of attendees, on occasion when the numbers of 'ACCEPTs' look low, people have been drafted only to find more turn up who just hadn't bothered to respond [YES].
  • Read the invite; there maybe some important info you need to know (e.g. limited numbers, unusual songs etc.)
  • You can use either email invite OR the online google calendar to select your availability.
  • Difficulty with responding to google event invites on-line? (i) use the choices at the bottom of the invite rather than the boxes on the top; this has been found to overcome most issues, (ii) obtaining a Gmail account can also help, make sure you tell us your new email address, (iii) if it still doesn’t work, please contact a committee member.


To ensure the smooth and stress free setting up of these it is important that the following is adhered to: i) be considerate of the technical Plucker, (ii) stay clear of the stage until asked to help, (iii) keep stands and gear away until it's all set up, (iv) think health & safety (iv) If you are in front of a microphone, sing into it, close as you can. We own (i) “Brian” a small black portable unit and (ii) The P.A. (mixer, amp and four speakers).

1. Do not hang around in the “gig/stage” area.

2. Do not place stands, ukes or bags in the “stage/gig” area until told to do so by the gig leader or person setting up the P.A.

3. Once set up, please wait to be told where to stand – this is to get the best overall sound from any microphones in use.

4. If you find yourself behind a microphone, please do not place your music stand between you and the microphone stand. The microphone stand MUST be between you and your music stand.

5. Using these items means that there can be cables running across the stage area, please take care that you don’t get tangled in them and try to avoid standing on or placing any stands on them.

6. If you have a semi acoustic uke (one that can be plugged in), please make sure you have your lead with you and that it is of sufficient length (at least 5M/15ft) to reach.

7. You are more than welcome to help set up & break down the P.A. (especially the latter), please offer help – it is greatly appreciated.


The organiser will nornally handle the selection process for these gigs. They will try, where possible to select the group by a combination of availability and ability with the principle of sharing the high profile gigs amongst all willing Pluckers. This can be difficult and some Pluckers may be disappointed from time to time. If that is the case please talk to a member of the committee. We wish to be inclusive to all those who wish to play where possible, but reserve the right to have the final selection. We hope you agree with our approach and would welcome and suggestions for improvement. Confirm your attendance ONLINE; we’ll aim to share out the allocation so that all Pluckers get a Festival performance.