2015 AGM Agenda

7:00 p.m. Thursday 15th October: Old House at Home, Portsmouth

1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

4. Matters Arising From Previous Minutes

- Vote to adopt the Revised constitution (SEE NOTES BELOW)

5. Committee’s Annual Report

6. Presentation of Accounts

7. Adoption of Accounts

8. Choosing a Local Charity (SEE NOTES BELOW)

9. Election of Committee (SEE NOTES BELOW)

10. Any Other Business

11. Closing Remarks


1. Any new items to be voted on at the AGM must be notified to the Chairman no later than 24 Sep 2015 (except when these arise from events occurring after this, at the committee's discretion)

2 The AGM agenda has be published (here) and on the Pluckers web site no later than 1 Oct 2015. It includes the adoption of a revised constitution, which may be viewed at:


3 Pluckers unable to attend the AGM may register a proxy vote with the Chairman no later than 7 pm on 14 Oct 2015

Pete Coote (peter.r.coote@gmail.com)