Pompey Pluckers Constitution

1. Name: The name of the group shall be Pompey Pluckers.

2. Status: A non-profit-making community group.

3. Membership:

· The group shall have at least 10 members.

· Membership shall be open to all adults interested in furthering the aims of the group.

· No person shall be excluded from membership on the grounds of sex, race, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or political affiliation.

· The Committee may refuse or rescind membership of any individual not meeting the aims of the group.

4. Aims:

· To advance, improve, and develop public participation, education in, and appreciation of music, via group activity, as a singing ukulele group.

· To entertain, and encourage the goodwill and participation of the wider community, including giving concerts at Rest Homes, Hospitals, Schools, and other similar projects.

· To provide ‘Beginners’ Workshops’ at group meetings and other venues when requested, to enable beginners to learn and improve basic ukulele-playing and performance skills.

· To foster confidence-building and group activity among members.

· To provide the loan, during meetings, of a small number of inexpensive ukuleles to absolute beginners who are considering whether or not to purchase their own instrument before joining the Pompey Pluckers.

· To encourage and foster civic community spirit through group music activity.

· To improve the wellbeing of members by engaging in activity that is of benefit to the wider community.

· To fundraise for a charity that operates mainly or wholly in Hampshire and is selected annually by vote at the AGM.

5. Committee:

· The group shall have a Committee of 8 to 10 members to be elected annually by vote at the AGM.

· The management of the group shall be the responsibility of the Committee.

· The Committee members shall elect officers to perform the roles of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraiser and any other function required.

· For Committee meetings, 5 Committee members shall form a quorum.

· Every matter shall be determined by a simple majority of Committee members present and voting.

· In the case of equal votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the casting vote

· Any vacancy arising within the Committee shall be filled by co-option from the general membership by the Committee’s invitation.

· The Committee may be altered and/or dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of the members present at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.

· Committee membership shall expire at each AGM. Outgoing Committee members shall be eligible for re-election to the incoming Committee.

6. Rules of Procedure:

· The group shall hold an AGM in autumn of each year For Annual General Meetings, a quorum shall be 5 Committee members and 10 other members.

· Every matter shall be determined by a simple majority of members voting. In the case of equal votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

· All proposals for changes to the group’s constitution shall be subject to a vote at the AGM.

· The AGM agenda shall include: the Committee’s Annual Report; the Treasurer’s Financial Report, Election of the Committee and selection of the next charity.

· Request from members for items to be included in the AGM agenda shall be made to the Chairman at least 21 days before the AGM. Emergency items that are due to occurrences later than this may be included at the discretion of the Committee, or if this is impracticable, at the discretion of the Chairman in consultation with such Committee members as are available.

· Details of all matters that are subject to a vote at an AGM (including the agenda items listed above) shall be presented to members by posting on the group’s web site at least 14 days before the AGM. Paper copies shall be available on request for members without web access.

· Members unable to attend a meeting may register a proxy vote with the meeting Chairperson at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the meeting. The Chairperson shall declare the proxy votes at the meeting.

· A Special General Meeting can be called at any time by a minimum of 10 members. A Special General Meeting shall be conducted in the same manner as an AGM with appropriate adjustments for the subject matter.

· A minute of all meetings shall be kept and formally adopted.

7. Finance:

· The financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September the following year.

· All funds received shall be deposited in the group’s bank account and used for the furtherance of the group’s aims.

· All monies from collection tins are to be given to the nominated charity. At least 80% of all fees and charges (from appearances and performances) after specified expenses have been taken, are to be paid directly to the group's nominated charity at end of the financial year. These specified expenses, determined by the committee, include public liability insurance and the cost of equipment storage. Any remaining money is retained to support the group’s running and development costs in line with its agreed aims, as defined above.

· The web domain name: pompeypluckers.org is owned by and paid for by the group.

· Performances and collections for charities or organisations on an ad-hoc basis are by negotiation and should be cleared by the Committee, but in general should adopt the position outlined above.

· The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the group’s finances. A financial report, comprising a breakdown of income, expenditure and funds held, shall be presented to the AGM by the Treasurer.

· In the event of the group disbanding, all surplus funds shall be transferred to such local charities as the Committee shall decide and physical assets shall be sold and the money allocated to these charities.