2103 AGM minutes

Pompey Pluckers AGM - Thursday 17th October 2013 - “The Old House at Home”

Those present: Peter Coote, Berry Reeves, Hoppy, Neil Roderick, Bobbie Cozens, Shirley Allen, Mike Green, Pauline Sandiford, Barrie King, Babs Hazel, Paul Molloy, Kevin Moughton, Paul Carden, Ian Lloyd, Dave Rogers, Ian Maiden, Ron Langan, Dawn Simpson, Norah Coote, Sarah Coote, Mandie Saw, Martin Mason, Helen Deacon, Lyn Browne, Jean Clack, Janet Ayres, Matt Ayres, Chris Collier, Pete Riches, Robert Turner-Diamond, Andy Towns, Steve Bullen, Dave Grant, Jude Childs, Mark Bushnell, Keith Grant, Martin Rogers.

1. Welcome: The Meeting opened at 1910. Pete thanked everyone for coming.

2. Apologies: Apologies received from: Helen Burgess, Anthea, Seb Solway, Dave Baker, Jean Saggers

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

4. Matters Arising From Previous Minutes: Matters arising from previous minutes were that the money for the PA £900 should be carried forward as this had not yet been purchased. The website pompeypluckers.org was bought and is still funds by Pete’s brother, but belongs to the Pluckers.

5. Presentation of Accounts

The accounts were presented by Ian Maiden. The bank balance at 13th March 2012 was £2285.50. Bank balance at 13th March 2013 was £2696.46. £3000 was donated to Naomi House. Janet’s beginner’s courses brought in £633.50 and expenditure for these was £84.85. The total income from fees and collecting tins was £3366.82. Miscellaneous items purchased (microphones etc.) was £610.35.

The percentage of income given to charity was 89.1%. Current bank balance as at 13th September 2013 is £1760.87.

Ian stated that the Thursday night room hire fee is kept separately from the accounts. This is collected and paid each week with accumulated surplus used for an occasional “free week”. Bush suggested a direct debit monthly to the OHAH for room hire.

6. Adoption of Accounts: The accounts were adopted by all present.

7. Appointment of Auditors/Independent Examiner: Mandie Saw has recommended someone she knows who will audit the accounts.

8. Choosing a Local Charity

There were six charities put forward this year. They were:

  1. Hampshire Air Ambulance David Grant and Norah Coote
  2. Artscape Mandie Saw
  3. Hampshire Autistic Society Andy Towns
  4. Live At Home Pauline Sandiford
  5. Rosemary Foundation Pete Riches
  6. Wessex Cancer Trust Barry King

All involved gave a brief talk on their chosen charity and a vote was held and a show of hands counted. For the first vote Hampshire Air ambulance received 7 votes; Artscape received 8 votes; Hampshire Autistic Society received 6 votes; Live at Home received 1 vote; Rosemary Foundation received 3 votes; Wessex Cancer Trust received 9 votes. On the second show of hands for the top two, Artscape received 13 votes and Wessex Cancer Trust received 17 votes. Therefore Pompey Pluckers charity for this year is to be the Wessex Cancer Trust.

9. Election of Committee

Pete is standing down as chairman this year and Janet has kindly agreed to take this on. Other committee members are Ian to stay as Treasurer, Pauline to stay as Secretary, Lyn will carry on doing the calendar and other committee members are: Berry, Andy, Keith, Kevin, Pete (Riches) Ian, Jude Chris. All agreed that they are happy to be on the committee.

10. Amendments to Constitution

Proxy voting should be added to the Constitution. All matters to be passed to the Chairman 24 hours before the AGM.

11. Any Other Business

It was suggested that we should synchronise the financial year with the AGM. This was agreed.

Berry said that the gig at St Mary’s Church was a great success and that £1700 was raised. £200 will go to the church restoration fund, leaving £1500 to the Elizabeth Foundation which a kind benefactor has agreed to equal this amount making it £3000. This is the largest amount raised for out charity so far.

Chris suggested that for the larger gigs (3 hours or so) we should charge by the hour.

12. Closing Remarks

The outgoing chairman thanked everyone and remarked how the “Pluckers” had grown. He wanted special thanks to Jonjo for designing the poster for the Pompulele Festival, Janet for all her work with the beginners and the adult workshops, Berry for organising St Mary’s and for bringing Andy Eastwood along, Pete Riches for the Beer Festivals, which raised a lot of money, Chris, Jude and Stuart for their technical help, Tongues and Grooves for the loan of their PA equipment, Music Room for their support and generous prizes, Jude and Glenn for organising Monday Nights, to James Sandy for organising Oh Pluck It and comparing the Pompulele and to Dave Grant for the Pompulele Song Book. He welcomed the committee. Pete said that he had ordered some lanyards which would be dark blue with white writing and ukuleles printed on them. He said that we should buy a metronome and that we should sort some Christmas songs and new set lists for the coming year.

As there was no other business, the meeting closed at 2040.