2015 AGM Minutes

Pompey Pluckers Annual General Meeting: The Old House At Home - Thursday 15th October 2015

Those Present: Pete Coote, Chris Collier, Berry Reeves, Lyn Browne, Jude Child, Pete Riches, Kev Moughton, , Antje Katrin Eisfelder, Barbara Cozens, Barrie King, Chris Porter, David Baker, Diane Houghton, Glenn Wallace, Graham Cockburn, Jim Stamp, Jude Child, Karen Bevan, Liz Latcham, Mandie Saw , Norah Coote, Eddie Brown, Rob Turner-Diamond, Sally Jouhning, Simon Green, Rowena Nott, Elaine Halsey, Lisa Richardson, Nicki Anders, Pauline Sandiford.

Apologies: Hannah Dawson, Helen Burgess, Helen Deacon, Ian Backhouse, Janet Ayres, Jean Clack, Jean Saggers, John Conrad Lee, Jonjo Rowlands, Martin Mason, Sarah Lloyd, Sara Coote.

The Meeting opened at 1910 and the Chairman welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the previous AGM were approved.

Matters Arising

This included a vote to adopt the revised Constitution. Thanks To Dave Grant

Committee Annual Report

We have done 70 gigs since the last AGM. Some old favourites and some new ones. This has raised £7,500 for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Enough to cover three flights.

Pompey Pluckers is an inclusive group, which is continually evolving. One example is the many splinter groups which have created diversity in the organisation: String Theory, Strumdiddliumptious, Muvva Pluckers and the Plucking Misfits who have kindly added large sums to allow us to increase the charity donation this year.

Membership reached 104 this year with a large core of gigging Pluckers who are doing a great job and we have some new leaders coming through. We also have some Monday Nighters coming along to Thursdays.

The Christmas Party in March was a great success and we donated £100 to Ukes for Ukraine from monies raised at this event.

Review of previous monies raised for charities: 2011 Rowans Hospice £2,000; 2012 Naomi House £4,000; 2013 Elizabeth Foundation £4,000; Wessex Cancer Trust £8,500. Total given to Charity £26,000. £1,000 was given to each of Naomi House, Elizabeth Foundation and Wessex Cancer Trust from proceeds at the Portchester Beer Festival.

Pete C said “As chair, I’ve enjoyed my year and a bit at the helm and am looking forward to supporting next year’s chair. I’d like to thank the outgoing committee for all of their support over the year especially Lyn, Jude and Pete as without their motivation and drive our gigs would not run as smoothly as they do and Pauline for taking the minutes. I wish the new committee all the very best for the coming year and hope that we continue to do what we do: Having fun and making others happy as we continue to make money for charity”

Presentation of Accounts

Please see these at the end of these minutes

Adoption of Accounts

The accounts were adopted unanimously.

Choosing a New Charity

1. Artscape – Mandie Saw

2. Hannah’s Holiday Homes – Kev Moughton

3. The Lord Mayor’s Appeal – Lyn Brown

4. The Rocky Appeal – Berry Reeves

Each proposer gave a short explanation of their chosen charity and all present were asked to vote.

Results were as follows:

  • Artscape 16 votes (including 2 proxy)
  • Hannah’s Holiday Homes 3 votes
  • Lord Mayor’s Appeal 7 votes
  • Rocky Appeal 8 votes (including 1 proxy)

Artscape was duly accepted as our charity for the coming year.

Election of Committee

The following were elected to form the new committee: Simon Green, Liz Latham, Pete Coote, Pete Richardson, Lyn Brown, Ian Maiden, Berry Reeves, Pauline Sandiford, Chris Collier and Helen Deacon. Positions are to be decided at a PP committee meeting to be held on 22nd October.


Christmas party is being planned and Pete C has confirmed that this will be held on 18th December 2015 at the Students Union on Cambridge Road.

It was decided that the Pluckers Charity not be promoted on Facebook.

Closing Remarks.

Pete C. as outgoing chairman thanked everyone for their support and wished Pompey Pluckers all good fortune in the future.

As there was no other business, the meeting closed at 2100.

Date of Next AGM: Thursday 20th October 2016 at 19:000

Pompey Pluckers 2015 AGM Treasurer's Report (including post AGM update)

The balance at 1st October 2014 was £8101.04. Additional deposits amounting to £257.10 were made before the AGM and we gave The Wessex Cancer Trust £7000. This left £1358.14 in the account at the start of the new charity year.

Outgoings since 2014 AGM were £992.70 with the main expenditures being as follows:(i) £ 255.67 for public liability insurance, (ii) Equipment storage is £67.92 per month with a total this year of £649.77.

Money received to date, is for Plucker's gigs and Plucking Misfits' gigs.

Collecting tins/buckets and other donations:Pluckers £1910.5: Misfits £1429.10: Total £3339.65

Fees from gig: Pluckers £3222; Misfits £1025; Total £4247

The last bank statement received in September showed a balance of £8070.09. Additional deposits have been made since this.

Post meeting note: Monies for three gigs were handed to me at the meeting and have now been paid in. The current bank balance is £8942.28 plus an uncleared cheque for £40. There may be more monies in un-emptied collecting tins.Donation to The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service. We donate at least 80% of fees, this amounts to £3397.60. Therefore the minimum we can give, including collections is £6737.65. The Committee has agreed that a sum of £7500 will be given.

Treasurer's Report Date: 15th October 2015