Board & members

Chairperson:   John Wanjau Njoroge

John is also heading the well-known Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF), based in Juja.
John wants to help PLUS-Kenya to grow, promoting innovations that are also relevant to organic farmers, and vice versa: organic farming innovations that merit to go mainstream.
In particular, John is interested in innovations that reduce runoff and soil loss.

Secretary:        Jane Bevin Wegesa
Jane is specialized in promoting environment related information, and marketing for companies that provide environment related services.
“I hope to contribute to effective marketing and PR for PLUS – Kenya.”
Jane is based in Kitale.

Treasurer:        Elise Pinners
Director of The Vetiver Network International, Agronomist (MSc) with +20 years experience in Natural Resource Management.  Specialised in soil, land & water resource management.  Also worked on other areas rural development and M&E, strategic organisational / institutional development.

Board member:     Caleb Jaraten Godondi Omolo
Caleb is an innovative farmer, and a professional mobiliser of his community near Rongo (Kamagambo division). Caleb's innovations are about water harvesting, fish farming, riverbank protection, dairy breeding (zebu with sahiwal cattle; goats), etc. He also holds one of the largest Vetiver nurseries, and is a reliable supplier and trainer for on-farm use of Vetiver. M: 0714943355

Board member: Patrick Mukora

Patrick is an innovative farmer, and so in two places. Patrick farms in Kiserian, and works with communities there to make farming more sustainable. And he farms in Njeri.


Special expert members - apart from experts in the board - include owners of TVNI certificates for nursery establishment, supply and training for on-farm use of Vetiver System:
  • Paul Mwadime Kombo (0724783690, 0734835029) in Voi, owner of 'the mother of all vetiver nurseries'
  • Christian Makokha (0711882229, 0734552220) in Bunyala, also a reliable supplier
And other experts:
  • Samuel Teimuge from Empowering Lives International (ELI, PLUS-Kenya's partner in Kerio Valley) and also a reliable supplier and expert on use of Vetiver on-farm and for gully rehab
  • Shuah Ajayo, rural development expert.
There are numerous other active members that hold PLUS-Kenya's future: we find them in Lodwar, Sigor, Kitale, Machakos, Siaya, and beyond: as far as a knowledge network can reach.

And we are proud of member organisations that are our partners: ELI (Kerio Valley), PAFID (all across Kenya), Glory Outreach Ministries (Lodwar), etc.
Vetiver Kenya,
Apr 6, 2011, 3:08 AM