Lodwar irrigation

PLUS-K Lodwar

A local NGO (Glory Outreach Ministries) implements a donor funded irrigation project funded by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. The project is going to use borehole water to be pumped in tanks, to small irrigation plots. Vetiver System is to be introduced to mark irrigated plots, as well as dealing with erosion caused by runoff from the larger catchment.
The area being semi-arid, this is technically a very challenging project and a perfect opportunity for PLUS-Kenya to shape up its skills in such harsh environment. The first step is to establish a large nursery.

The client paid for the technical assistance as well as for the planting material, but funds from the Tubbergen Rotary were used (8,000 KSh) to allow Christian Makokha to join us (Jane Wegesa and Elise Pinners for technical assistance, and Caleb Omolo as supplier of slips).

So far, so good:
i) the client saw vigorously growing Vetiver in its well-established nursery;
ii) the supplier had shown that he could supply large quantities of slips with very high survival rates in spite of extremely hot and dry weather;
iii) Elise assessed the larger environment and discussed (report see attached) the possibilities for use of Vetiver System in and around the project, to address soil erosion, gully formation, and possible uses of Vetiver for boundary marcation, handicraft (alternative to use of leaves from the doum palm) and fodder;
iv) all four (Caleb, Makokha, Jane and Elise) provided technical backstopping during nursery establishment, and Makokha was invited to come back (this time the client paid) to supply tree seeds and provide training on tree planting as well. PLUS-K is not only about Vetiver. Christian Makokha being also a tree nursery specialist, you can see him here: Team Turkana gardens.
See latest update: more great green photos taken in November 2013.
Vetiver Kenya,
Jun 19, 2013, 12:20 AM