Bududa, Uganda - landslide mitigation

Vetiver is not a quick-fix for landslides: it can only be a component of a package where land-use is revised, degradation reversed, and people relocated to less critical places. But for smaller landslides and for the mitigation of damage of landslides that have already occured Vetiver can be of use. Vetiver hedges can reduce surface erosion (that causes irregular water infiltration, undermining stability of a slope), help establish natural vegetation on steep slopes (where no farming ought to take place), and to some extent the strong, fine root system can 'nail' the soil to enhance deep-slope stability.

PLUS-K in Uganda Bududa

The use of Vetiver System in landslides has been tried and tested in many cases, especially in Brasil, China and Vietnam, but also closer to home: in Madgascar and DRC. On a smaller scale, one could say that steep roadsides are also prone to landslides - and for that Vetiver System is very widely used.
That is why PLUS-Kenya is engaging with Enactus Durham UK, to find solutions addressing landslides in Bududa, Uganda.

Jane Wegesa and Michael Makokha are now proceeding with the technical support through a local NGO Eastern Archdiocesan Development Network (EADEN); Elise will do backstopping and - when design starts - we hope to mobilise TVNI's nearest expert on landslides, Yoann Coppin from Madagascar.

After sending Jane to Bududa with a faulty old camera (turning what should be brown into something pinkish), the Tubbergen Rotary fund was used (11,000 KSh) to buy a better camera.

Vetiver Kenya,
Jun 25, 2013, 7:35 PM