Mau forest

PLUS-K in the Mau

Christian Makokha's collaboration with PLUS-Kenya began in serious when he invited us to work together on a project 'near Naivasha' which turned out to be deep in the Mau hills. The NGO African trees (sub-contracted by Naivasha Basin Sustainability Initiative) works there with farmers (farming on very steep hills got us worried!) and PLUS-Kenya supplied the plants and trained the farmers on establishing a hedge.
It was a good field day and the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Makokha (who is from Bunyala), who turned out as a very resourceful person and joined us in Lodwar, Bududa and other places.
Collaboration with African trees turned out less fruitful; we're still waiting for Caleb to be paid for the Vetiver he supplied; PLUS-K's delivery of training was already free of charge (we charged no fees), not to mention the extra transport. But we gained valuable lessons: delivery of Vetiver has to be done in a business-like manner, and well paid in advance, and PLUS-K's expertise should not be free of charge as we need to sustain our Kenyan 'volunteers' and our overhead costs.