Rongo, Amilo village

PLUS-K Rongo-Amilo village

Caleb Omolo lived in the US when, through TVNI, he got into contact with Elise; in 2007 he sent her to his farm in Rongo, to stay with his old mum and to introduce Vetiver System - before he himself returned to Kenya.
Later he returned from the US after a stay of 35 years; he worked there as community facilitator. And true to his profession, he is now back home facilitating the communities around his family's farm. He is a very communicative networker, an innovative farmer, and the first innovation he adopted on his farm was Vetiver System. He combines this now with fish farming, dairy goats, cattle breeding, receiving foreign interns, hosting a restaurant, etc.

Yet Caleb finds time to train the communities around him about Vetiver System, as well as time to travel to other communities in Kenya (Kerio Valley, Lodwar, Mau forest) to supply and train them.

In Amilo village and Migori (district) Caleb has received 8,000 KSh from Tubbergen Rotary, which he used to train and supply several communities.

Caleb has now a very large nursery and is among Kenya's top-3 suppliers of Vetiver.
Indeed, a reliable supplier. PLUS-Kenya is proud to have Caleb as a board member.