Isinya-Kajiado: riverbank, schools, dams

PLUS-K Isinya riverbank

PLUS-K Inkiito & Enarau schools, Isinya

PLUS-K Isinya dams

A total of 25,350 KSh from Tubbergen Rotary club was spent to supply slips for the nurseries in two schools (Inkito and Enarau primary schools), and one dam, and re-supply for riverbank protection, transport for the trainer (Elise), and money for the school to buy a waterhose and fuel for the pump (so that schoolkids could water the plants, to could grow through the dry season).

Future: the Maasai community is very interested in the developments. Some check how the riverbank protection is progressing and refer to upcoming roads projects for which Vetiver could well be helpful (given the large number of gullies that have developed in the area - mostly black-cotton soil!). Others (especially women) are keen to try out Vetiver to develop handicraft.