The Unofficial PA Safety Inspection Site

This is an unofficial website with helpful links and information for technicians performing PA Vehicle Safety Inspection.  

Update -  Another price increase for 2015!  Are you aware that the prices for Certificates of Inspection are increased to $6.00 as of July 1, 2015?   Remember to update the prices posted to your customers?   You can read the new pricing information on the latest bulletin available here

This price change also impacts the cost of windshield sticker replacement.  Remember, you can only charge a maximum of $2 dollars labor plus the cost for the sticker.  For annual inspection stickers the cost has increased to $6, meaning that you can only charge a maximum of $8 for windshield sticker replacement.  

The Inspection Regulations were updated in October of 2013.  Are you aware of all of the updates?   These include: 
  • Load range of tires is now a rejectable condition and it must meet the manufacturer's minimum recommendations. 
  • To pass inspection, a vehicle must have the interior rear view mirror if originally equipped. 
  • It is legal for motorcycles to have handle bars above the operator's shoulder level. 
  • A vehicle fails inspection if a license plate cover obscures the state name on the license plate.
  • New certified inspection mechanic cards will have an expiration of 5 years from the date of issue. 

LEGISLATION ALERT!! - Have you heard about the PA Senate Bill 332 and House Bill 1333 that stands to change PA Emissions and Safety inspection requirements for newer vehicles?

 Click here to view the specifics of Senate Bill 332. 

LATEST UPDATE:  Study done in 2015 proves Safety Inspection works!

I hope you found our free Pennsylvania Safety Inspection information helpful to you!