Stockton and District

Philatelic Society

About the Society

The Stockton and District Philatelic Society, originally known as The Stockton, Teesside and District Philatelic Society held its first meeting on the 20th September 1947. A total of 23 members were present and Mr. Tunstal, N.E.P.A. Secretary at the time, agreed to be the Chairman. Whilst the name, venue and subscriptions have changed over the years, the enjoyment of collecting has not. The membership is usually around 30-35, with over twenty regularly attending meetings. The Society has also an active stamp packet which is circulated around members in the Society and other adjacent Societies.

The Society is a small friendly group of members whose collecting interests cover a variety of subjects and themes. A number of members meet up in a local hostelry after the meeting to discuss various matters and generally put the world to rights – why don’t you come alone to one of our meetings.

Contact Details

For further details, please contact our secretary at 29 Grosvenor Road, Billingham, TS22 5HA or E-mail to Stockton Philatelic Society


Meetings are held in The Methodist Church, Green's Lane, Hartburn. Stockton on Tees TS18 5EP on alternate Fridays September through May at 1.30pm and finish by 3.30pm.



09 September Members’ Afternoon

23 September Shetland and Rejects from an Exhibition – Dr David Kindle

07 October French West African Colonies - Mr S Dixon

21 October Visit from the Redcar Society

04 November Word War I - Mr M Gibson

18 November Norman Hudson Entertains

02 December Norway - Mr M Hammond

16 December President’s Evening - Mr I Lightfoot


06 January Members’ Evening - Letters “I”, “J” and “K”

20 January Butterflies and Hong Kong - Mr L Featherstone

03 February Postal History of York - Mr D Lilley

17 February Programme Planning and Bourse

03 March American Civil War - Mr J Church

17 March George VI Commonwealth - Mr B Burns

31 March Charles Grainger Entertains

01 April France – Mr K Smith

15 April NEPA.Convention, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

21 April Bits and Bobs - Mr A Stoves

05 May Mr I Lightfoot NEPA President

06 May National Stamp Day

19 May AGM. and Members Two Frame Displays