Postal History and Aerophilatelic Group

About the Society

The group began life as the North of England GB Study Circle with George Kelvin as Chairman. The change was made in 1983 when members ran out of fresh GB material to show! The Aerophilatelic Group joined the Postal History group in 1998 when both memberships decreased and it was not considered worthwhile to hold separate meetings.

Contact Details

For further details, please contact our secretary on 01325 730695


Meetings are held in  All Saints Church Hall, Carr House Drive. Newton Hall, Durham DH1 5LT on the last Monday of each month, September through May at 2pm and finish by 4pm. 

If you do not attend regularly, please check before travelling to a meeting. The programme may be altered occasionally.

Programme 2023 - 2024


29 September The Celtic Fringe - Members' Displays on Scotland, Wales or Ireland

27 October Forces Mail - Tony Walker (6 frames) + Members (6 frames)

24 November     Mail by Road or Rail - Members


23 February Official Mail or Royal Connections - Members

22 March Aero Night - Peter Wheatley (6 frames) and Additional Airmails - members

20 April NEPA.Convention, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

26 April AGM (10 minutes) + Mail to and from Australasia - Guest Clive Jones