Newcastle Philatelic Society

About the Society

The Society became a society in its own right in 1944, when the North of England Philatelic Society became the North of England Philatelic Association. Newcastle hosted the British Philatelic Federation Congress in 1920 and again in 1992. Two members of the Society have been awarded Congress medal and six members have received the ABPS Award of Merit. No fewer than twenty members of the Society have had the honour of being President of NEPA and nine have received NEPA’s Award of Merit for services to philately in the North East.

In 2019, the Society celebrated it's 75th Anniversary - please click on this link for some more information on the event.

To keep in contact with their membership during the Covid restrictions, the society published a newsletter of articles from members, as to how they are continuing to enhance their collections

Please click on this link to view the December 2020 newsletter as a PDF file

Please click on this link to view the November 2020 newsletter as a PDF file.

Contact Details

For further details, please contact our secretary on r 07531 322654 or e-mail Newcastle Philatelic Society


Meetings are held at the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society, 23 Westgate Road, Newcastle NE1 1SE on the first and third Tuesdays of each Month, September through May Inclusive at 6.45pm (auctions start at 6.30pm). Meetings finish by 9.00pm.

Programme 2023 - 2024


05 September Visit from Darlington PS

19 September Cold War Space Exploration (part 1) - Nigel Depledge

03 October GB 100 Years of High Values - Max Melrose

17 October History of Pickford Heavy Haulage (picture postcard display)  - George Nairn

07 November Snakes (Thematic Display) - Steve Perola

21 November Laos and Brunei - David Foster

05 December Stamp Collecting in the Sixties - Mike Mood

19 December Members' Night - (One Frame - One Minute)


02 January President’s Night – David Fisher

16 January Competition Night + Aspects of NZ Postage Dues - Paul Woods

06 February Mail Art - Ian Lightfoot (NEPA President)

20 February Vehicles on Stamps - Members' Displays

05 March Badges and Emblems of the Caribbean - D Rahaman

19 March Letter "M" - Members Displays

02 April South Africa - Derek Lilley

16 April Bourse and Exchange of Material - Members' Night

20 April NEPA.Convention, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

07 May AGM.(2022/23) and Part 2  Speaker's Choice _-Tony Walker