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NJDBC brought dragon boaters (and dragon boater wannabes) to China for their International Dragon Boat races in since 2002 - AND It's been a blast every trip! Check back every now and then to see if we'll be going again in the upcoming year. We always leave home with lots of expectations and return with a lifetime of crazy stories!!! We never bring alternates. Roster stops at 20 paddlers, waitlist starts at 21. Second team formed when waitlist hits 16.

Right now, we are kinda in the mooood for doin' 2016. If you are interested in going - check out this general info and complete this FORM to register your interest. If we get enough NJDBC members interested - we'll start working on forming a travelling team for the trip! FAQ: PreTrip Info, Getting travel documents, Roster, Travel/Trip Info, Team/Guest Info, What to do, about China.

Tenative Races (Finalized around Feb, 2016)

    1. June 3-19, 2016

    2. Beijing , Gui Yang , Nanning , Huizhou and Guangzhou.

2016 EST INDIVIDUAL COSTS (for both participants and supporters)

    1. $1100 (JFK), $1200 (LGA), $1500 (EWR), $1400 (PHL) =- Round Trip Air to Hong Kong (2012: $1500-2000).

    2. $200 est = housing and food (3 to a room) until we are picked up by the race folks in Hong Kong / China.

    3. $300 - race fee paid to race hosts (includes race fees, local room, board, travel between races, pickup and drop off at Hong Kong Airport).

    4. $150 - China Visa (requires a valid USA passport which expires after December 15, 2016 for June 2016 races.

    5. $50 - for team shirts, dignitary giveaways at each city.

Past Trips

  • 2012, June 17-July 1 - Fangchengang City, Nanning City, Chongzou, Nanhi, Guangzhou.

    • Our crew included members from NJDBC's Team Dragons, TEAM SOSNJ, River Sirens, PDBA, along with family members!

    • We actually won MONEY! a jug of liquor! and a roast pig!!!

    • We got in a practice in the 80 paddler dragonboats!

  • 2007, June 15-24 - Guangzhou 4 City Dragon Boat Race, photo

    • Zhaoqing, home, pop=4mil, Zhanjiang, pop=7mil, Shaoguan, pop=3.2mil, Guangzhou

    • Our NJDBC crew included members from South Africa, California, Japan, Portland, Montreal, NYC, Philly and Camden's River Sirens.

  • 2004 Tianjin - 1st International Public Service Organization Championships

    • Brought Philly's PSO to these Championships where they were treated to demos by the local forces and got to meet their asian counterparts, in the form of dragon boat teams, photo

  • 2003 Tianjin - 1st World University Championships (Sept/Oct)

    • Coached and brought students from Harvard and Princeton to race against China's College dragon boat teams! Princeton, Harvard

  • 2002, May

    • This was our first trip to China. Yangtze 39k paddled around Three Gorges Dam, Yi Chang Races, Shuchen Wanfoho Lake Races Photo

    • Our team trips to Montreal, San Fran, Long Beach paled in comparison to this adventure. Our guest paddlers included folks from Philly, Princeton, Boston, Vt, Montana, NYC, and of course...a village in China!

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