In the News


Thanks to the various media reporters who shared our experiences with their readers/viewers!

    • The Alternative Press (a New Providence online newspaper) - by Christie Potter Kass, August 16, 2010

    • Arlington Independent Media - by John Moriarity, May 2009

    • WMBC - News - by Kimberly Wallace, June 30, 2008

      • Ancient sport of dragon boating takes on a whole new meaning for a group of women cancer survivors in Morris County at Lake Parsippany. All is welcome, but be prepared to be handed a paddle! youtube.

    • Star Ledger - by John Boyle and Gabriel H Gluck, June 16, 2008

        • All the women on the SOS (Save Our Sisters) dragon boat team are breast cancer survivors, some in remission for years, and some still enduring treatment and surgery. They find strength and empowerment during the hours spent paddling on Lake Parsippany, rowing together in their own floating support group. Floating Support Group on tvjersey. video, Youtube

    • Star Ledger - by Gabriel H. Gluck, June 10, 2008

        • A Lake of Boundless Hope. Breast Cancer Survivors find new hope in the ancient sport of Dragon Boating. Page 1 and 7.