• Safety awareness often occurs after an accident or tragedy. We all heard stories and seen dragon boats go under, but everyone was saved without incident, and we may have heard of an occassional death, but nothing that seemed to merit any changes in our attitude. Since becoming a member of the American Canoe Association Paddle America Club, the NJ Dragon Boat Club decided to take a proactive role in educating our membership on safety awareness. We realize the learnings we take from our training and education will extend beyond our practices to the events and races we participate each year.

  • This safety information website will grow as we build our on our experiences. We welcome comments, suggestions and stories from others. In sharing information and experiences, we might decrease the chances for tragedy through safety awareness.


    • We conducted our first tip drill on May 15 after our AM practice. We ran this exercise in the spirit of "National Safe Boating Week: May 22-28, 2004", whose theme is, "Boat Smart, Boat Safe". For more info on our drill, click the links on the left bar menu under "5/15 Tip Drill".

        • NJ Dragon Boat Club provided handouts.

        • Attendance = free.

        • Participate in tip test

        • Although not required, we request attendees register online so we can prepare the handouts and the facility. This represents the first of it's kind offered on the US East Coast, so we request folks please direct any comments, suggestions for this session to: safety@njdragonboat.org