• ALL NJDBC members "in good standing" may join the NJDBC Outrigger Club.
  • Those who successfully passed tip test and paid their $50 membership fee to the outrigger club may take out the outriggers at anytime this 2016 season.  (Testers = any 2015 OC member). 2016 Test includes successfully assembling and disassembling an outrigger, paddling an oval course, successfully get back into a flipped outrigger in deep water.
  • All members are automatically added to the CURRENT MEMBERS About Challenge Ladder.
  • Reserve an OC-1 using the OC-1 reservation calendar to avoid arriving to no available OC1s. All members will have access to this calendar through their email addresses. Pick a date and time slot and enter your name.
  • Report any damage to Ellen, and leave a message on outrigger message board in OC locker so no one takes it out.
  • Know OC1-equipment, general care tips on :SETUP, Paddling, Tip Test, Storage, Lock up
  • Winners report "Challenge Ladder" results to Ellen.
  • WHAT IS THIS? - Gleaned from the Tennis Challenge Ladder as a means for members to race fellow members when convenient, offering plenty of racing opportunities.  This includes a weekly updated rankings based on individual race-offs with the highest ranked gal and guy at year-end winning a little prize.
  • Blog your challenges!!!
  • CURRENT RANKING, also on Blogger: http://njdbc-oc1.blogspot.com/
  • Everyone must wear a life jacket to take out an OC1.
  • Go out with a paddling partner until you get comfortable in one.
  • If lightning or thunder is near and you don't feel you have enough time to get back, paddle to the nearest shore and pull the outrigger out. Seek shelter and wait for the storm to pass before returning the OC1 to the rack.
  • If you flip the outrigger and not able to get back on, try to swim the OC1 back to a shore, or if you are just too tired, then leave the equipment and swim back to shore. And then either call me or work to secure help in retrieving the equipment with our club's row boat, dragon boat or kayak.
  • Make sure to bring water to stay hydrated!