China 2007

NJDBC at China 2007

HKDBF - 2007 Guangzhou 4 City Dragon Boat Races


China: June 15-24, 2007

This vigorous 10 day program tested our resolve, fitness and "China-ness" as we hit Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Shaoguan and Guangzhou dragon boat festivals. This "road trip" proved we may not have been the most experienced on the water, but we certainly were among the hardy.

We made lots of new friends on our crew with members from South Africa, Japan, Montreal, California, NJ, PA and South Carolina. The event organizers were very happy to have us there as we had over 100k+ watching over the 4 races!

Some of our crew even hit the Nanning races. We each and all have tons of wild fabulous stories to tell with pictures to prove them. And experiences which only China can provide. Oh yeah...we also paddled around some pretty tough dragon boats in some pretty unique and picturesque locations. Our stories include our races, our travels, the foods, the housing and our international experiences with the Australian, Philappine, Indonesian, Canadian, Macau, Hong Kong and the various Local Chinese crews!!! We had great support from the race organizer and the volunteer interpreters who trailed us at every stop.

Read on the crazy tales of this motley crew: trip info, comments, misc memories and feel free to enjoy their pictures!

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