HKDBF - 2007 Guangzhou 4 City Dragon Boat Races

China Hong Kong SAR Dragon Boat Federation hosts

2007 China 4 City International Dragon Boat Festival!!!

Race dates = June 17, 19, 21, 23

The China Hong Kong SAR DBF is looking to build their International Dragon Boat Festival program. This vigorous 8 day program has International teams hitting Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Shaoguan and Guangzhou festivals. This "road trip" will be for the hardy. Only experience will tell if this is tougher or easier than the 2002 Great Gorge 39K race!

Right now we have about 10+ folks booked and leaving from South Africa, Japan, California, NJ, PA and maybe Arizona. We're looking for others to join us in this fantastic dragonboating experience. The Asian dragon boat race experience is very unique in the numbers and enthusiasm of spectators and how the event is showcased by the community! You can expect to have close to 100k+ watching over the 4 races!

We still have room for more and will continue accepting signups until we hit 22. Right now we will likely be fielding both a women's and mixed crew (yeah - and we may end up in the men's races because some sites do not have mixed division). Some Florida dragon boaters who are there for the Hong Kong races...and may even hitch up with us for a race or two. More info later!

  • General Info: Map

      • June 17 = Zhaoqing, home, pop=4mil, 185mi from Hong Kong, 70mi from Guangzhou

      • June 19 = Zhanjiang, pop=7mil, 3hr bus from Zhaoqing

      • June 21 = Shaoguan, pop=3.2mil, 7hr bus from Zhanjiang

        • We are combining with Italian and Florida crews to form Men and Women teams!

      • June 23 = Guangzhou, pop=12.7mil, 3 hrs from Shaoguan, 115mi from Hong Kong

    • Registration:

    • Estimated Cost = $1505

      • Airfare = $1100 (from NYC), $1100 (from LAX)

      • Team fees = $200

      • Food/munchies/drink = $100

      • Trade items = $50

      • China Visa = $55

      • Shopping = ??? Great values, spend $200 get $500 worth in stuff

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revised 4/7/2007